Metal Gear Survive Medicine - How to Craft Bandages and Healing Items in Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive Medicine - How to Craft Bandages and Healing Items in Metal Gear Survive

Here's our full Metal Gear Survive medical guide, including how to craft bandages, medical supplies, and more.

Medical items are key to surviving in Metal Gear Survive, but they can be really hard to come by. You'll need to gather together all the items you can possibly find, and get crafting on the fly if you want to stay alive. In our Metal Gear Survive medical guide, we'll be providing you with all the details you need to know about staying alive in the tough game.

Metal Gear Survive Medicine

Metal Gear Survive might use the same combat systems as Metal Gear Solid 5, but it's an entirely different game when it comes to treating injuries that you sustain on the battlefield. You'll have to craft food and water items in order to sustain your character's hunger and water meters, but you'll have to craft a variety of items in order to keep the body of your character in check. There isn't just a simple first aid spray in Metal Gear Survive, as there's instead all sorts of different medical items to heal different types on injuries.

For a start, press the Pause button on your controller to bring up the 'Personal' tab of your iDroid menu, and you'll notice that the human figure on this tab represents your player character. The hunger and water meters of your character are present here, just as they are on the standard HUD of Metal Gear Survive, and if your character has sustained any injuries in combat, they'll be noted through a bright red outline appearing on the depiction of your character. If you have sustained any injuries whatsoever, you'll be prompted to press right on the D-pad to use medical equipment to cure yourself of said injuries, but if you don't have the corresponding equipment for the injury, you'll have to head to a Medical Workstation at Base Camp and craft the necessary items.

Metal Gear Survive Healing Items

Just below, we'll outline every medical item in Metal Gear Survive, as well as the specific injuries that each one can heal:

  • Taping Kit - Used for sprains.
  • Bandage - Used for lacerations.
  • Energy Drink - Used to cure fatigue.
  • Poultice - Used for bruises.
  • Intestinal Medicine - Cures you of food or water poisoning.
  • Styptic Kit - Used for bleeding.
  • Antidote - Used to cure poisoning.
  • Serum - Used to cure severe poisoning.
  • Antibacterial Drug - Used for infections.

These are all the medical items that you can craft at a Medical Workstation in Metal Gear Survive. Remember that if you're lacking a particular item to craft a medical item, for example Adhesive to craft a Taping Kit, you should always go over to the Gadgets Workstation to see if you can convert any of your current materials into the item needed.

This might be the conclusion of our medical guide for Metal Gear Survive, but head over to our Kuban Energy guide if you want to know how to farm the main currency of the game quickly.

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