How to Get the Best Ending in Detroit: Become Human

How to Get the Best Ending in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human Romance guide, Best Endings, Voice actors, and more.

Detroit: Become Human is the latest game from developer Quantic Dream. It continues the studio's trend for non-linear storytelling, offering up branching paths governed by player choice. As such, there are multiple endings to find in the game. There are a dizzying number of possible combinations, given how many choices there are in the game, so in this Detroit: Become Human Best Ending guide we'll be detailing the best ending. This includes all of the important choices you'll have to make, and when you'll have to make them.

How to Keep Every Character Alive and Get the Best Ending

Given that there are a massive range of endings in Detroit: Become Human, we're going to be focusing on the very best outcome in the game where everyone survives. You'll have to follow the choices exactly as they are detailed below, and keep in mind that even choices that seem inconsequential, can have a huge impact on the story.

In order to unlock the "Survivors" Trophy, you'll need to keep a core group of characters alive. Everyone not on the list below can be killed and you'll still receive the best ending.

  • Alice
  • Connor
  • Hank
  • Jerry
  • Josh
  • Kara
  • Luther
  • Markus
  • North
  • Simon

Note that Connor can actually die a lot throughout the game, but will come back to life almost every time. Let's start off with how to ensure Alice is alive at the end of the game.

How to Keep Alice Alive

Alice is the child that Kara takes in after escaping at the start of the game. During the opening mission, Stormy Night,, do everything you can to protect Alice from Todd. It is important to interrupt Todd as he loses it and starts smashing up the apartment. Failing to do so will mean that Todd will beat Alice and kill her.

How to Keep Connor Alive

Connor is the only character listed that can die multiple times without affecting the outcome of the ending. He regularly makes copies of himself meaning that he is revived as a new model each time after dying.

How to Keep Hank Alive

Hank is Connor's Detective partner. He must be protected during the Battle for Detroit sequence, or else he'll kill himself at the end of the game. You can protect him by becoming his friend as Connor.

How to Keep Jerry Alive

During the Battle for Detroit sequence, Jerry will be taken hostage along with Luther. Make sure you free them both. Later on, while crossing the Canadian border as Kara, choose the "No Sacrifices" option.

How to Keep Josh Alive

During the chase scene in which Markus and his group are escaping through the ship, make sure you choose to save Josh, keeping him alive.

How to Keep Kara Alive

There are multiple ways for Kara to die in the game. Firstly, at the start of the game during the Stormy Night chapter, you need to make sure to save Alice, or else he'll her and Kara.

During the Zlatko chapter, make sure to hit all of the quick time events, or you'll be killed. You'll also want to free all of the captive androids. You can actually avoid the combat sections by remaining in stealth.rely on Luther to aid you.

Kara can also die in the Battle for Detroit segment. She'll be killed if Markus doesn't lead a peaceful protest. While walking through the Canadian checkpoint, don't fire your weapon or act suspiciously.

How to Keep Luther Alive

During the Military's attack on Jericho, you'll be given the option to help Luther after he gets shot, do so and you'll keep him alive. Do not sacrifice Luther at the border.

How to Keep Markus Alive

As one of the main characters in the game, Markus can be killed at multiple points in the game. When playing the Freedom March level, choose to flee the scene. This will lose respect from the residents of Jericho, but will ensure Markus' survival.

In order to get the best ending in Detroit: Become Human, it is important to ensure Markus leads a peaceful protest at the Battle for Detroit. You'll also be offered a deal from an FBI agent, refuse this offer.

How to Keep North Alive

While fleeing the military after planting the bomb in Jericho, make sure you save North after she is wounded. Accepting the FBI deal also means certain death for North so again, just tell Perkins where to stick it.

How to Keep Simon Alive

Simon is the same model as the deviant android Daniel, and meets Markus in Jericho. During the Stratford Tower sequence, do not engage with the soldiers at the security checkpoint. There's also a possibility that Simon will get wounded while on the roof. You'll be given the option to shoot him. Refuse to do so to keep the character alive.

How to Get the Best Ending (Everyone Survives)

Now that you know how to keep all of the key characters alive, it's time to detail some extra conditions that must be satisfied in order to achieve the best ending. We'll break these key moments down by main character.


The main goal with Markus is to ensure a good public image and peaceful protest at the end of the game. This is achieved by staying out of fights which you don't have to get into, like the one during the Freedom March. You'll also want to turn down the FBI deal, which will result in death for many of the key characters, and force Kara to have to sacrifice members of her group at the end. Rely on Connor throughout, after he turns deviant. He's the key to achieving a peaceful rebellion so forgive him and trust him as a member of Markus' team.


Speaking of Connor, there are several conditions to satisfy. Firstly, be friendly to Hank, this will prevent him from killing himself at the end of the game. Next, you'll want Connor to turn deviant during the Crossroads chapter. Following on from that, be sure to head to CyberLife to free androids for Markus' cause. If you've done everything correctly up to this point, Hank will save your life, giving Markus the tools he needs to lead a rebellion.


As well as keeping Kara alive you'll also need to make a handful of choices to trigger the best ending. First up, make sure you play dead during the Crossroads chapter. In the Battle for Detroit chapter, save Luther, then head to the checkpoint. Stay cool and do not sacrifice any of your team and you'll make it through. Once you reach the bus station, steal tickets from the family and keep hold of them. This will keep Kara safe and sound.

That's everything you'll need to do in order to achieve the best ending in Detroit: Become Human. For information on how to get the worst ending in the game, visit our Detroit: Become Human Worst Ending Guide.

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