How to Use a Jetpack in Fortnite

Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite's Jetpacks, included in the V4.2 update alongside the new Solid Gold V2 Limited Time Mode.

The Fortnite Jetpack items are now live in the game, and you'll need to get your hands on one of the items if you want to complete one of the seven Fortnite Week 5 Challenges. In this Fortnite Jetpacks guide, we'll be walking you through how to find a Jetpack in Fortnite, as well introducing you to the Solid Gold V2 mode.

But if you instead need help with anything else on Battle Royale, make sure to head over to our complete Fortnite Season 4 guides hub. It’s got all the information you need on all the various rewards you can earn through the latest Battle Pass including the revered Omega skin, as well as how to win at the Battle Royale mode in general.

How to get a Jetpack in Fortnite

Jetpacks are now live in Fortnite, and you'll need to find one of these elusive new items to complete one of the seven Fortnite Week 5 Challenges. These are the challenges that were originally delayed from May 29, but they're now all live in Fortnite Battle Royale as of May 31.

Grab a Jetpack in Fortnite and you'll be able to fly.

Jetpacks might be the hot new item in Fortnite, but don't think you can go and buy one of the new items from the shop straight away. Jetpacks can only be obtained while playing Fortnite Battle Royale, and so you won’t be able to buy them in the store with V-Bucks and equip them to your character to fill the Back Bling slot on them.

Where to Find a Jetpack in Fortnite

Therefore, you’re going to need to venture out into the Battle Royale map and find one of these new Jetpacks for yourself. It turns out that you can only obtain a Jetpack through a treasure chest in Fortnite Battle Royale, and you can’t simply find one lying about the map. Therefore, you’re going to want to scavenge around named locations on the map for the best chance of finding a Jetpack.

We’ve been noting down the locations of multiple treasure chests in various Fortnite locations around the map. So far, we’ve got all the locations just below covered:

These were all part of previous Weekly Challenges in Fortnite, and so if you’ve missed beating any of these treasure-centric challenges for Bronze Stars, now’s a good time to do that. You’d also be best off heading into the new Solid Gold V2 Limited Time Event mode, which launched alongside the Jetpack update, for your best shot at finding a Jetpack.

Fortnite Solid Gold V2 Tips

Simply put, the Solid Gold V2 mode enables all weapon drops and spawns to be Legendary, and nothing else. Therefore, every single weapon or item you find while playing the limited Fortnite mode is going to be extremely powerful and accurate, like the Legendary Burst Rifle or SCAR weapon.

Since you’re always guaranteed to find extremely rare items and equipment while playing the Solid Gold V2 event in Fortnite, this is your best bet to find a Jetpack. The new tools for your back aren’t going to be easy to come across, and so you’ll need all the help you can get.

This might be the end of our Fortnite guide on the new Jetpack tool and Solid Gold V2 event, but there’s plenty else we can cover here at USgamer. Head over to our complete Fortnite Week 4 Challenges guide for the information on the latest tasks, or our Fortnite Rubber Duckies guide for how to track down all the elusive yellow ducks.

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