Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: Connect the Dots, Destroy Choppers and SAM Sites

Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: Connect the Dots, Destroy Choppers and SAM Sites

Take down the enemy gunships and meet up with Annika and Teo.

Just Cause 3 continues with the Connect the Dots mission. This walkthrough will help you take down the enemy ships and meet up with Annika and Teo.

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Just Cause 3 Connect the Dots Mission Walkthrough

  • Take down the enemy ships
  • Meet up with Annika and Teo

Talk to Sheldon, then get into one of the helicopters and fly to your next objective. You must take out the military ships, which means staying relatively low to the ground, as doing so makes it easier to hit the ships with your missiles. Keep an eye out for choppers, as well as the surface-to-air missile site, and the ships chasing Mario and Dimah.

When you've taken out all the foes in the area, get out of the helicopter and go down to the boat. Take the boat around the coastline and check in on some informants. You pass through a minefield as you head to your next marker, but there are no enemies to worry about.

Go to the small island when you reach the second site, then turn around and make your way to the final destination. Meet with Annika and Teo for a quick conversation, then kill the enemies that attack in order to complete the mission.

That's it for Connect the Dots. The next story mission is An Act of Piracy.

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