Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: Time for an Upgrade

Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: Time for an Upgrade

Grab the wingsuit and then destroy the convoy and bridge.

This Just Cause 3 story mission walkthrough for the Time for an Upgrade mission will tell you all you need to know to make it through. We’ll cover getting the wingsuit and destroying the bridge.

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Just Cause 3 Time for an Upgrade Mission Walkthrough

  • Pick up the wingsuit
  • Destroy the convoy and bridge

Combine grappling and parachuting as per Dimah's instructions. After meeting up with her, try out your tethering abilities by pulling a barrel into the fence nearby. If you want to see some kabooms, you can also tether fuel canisters into each other.

When you meet Dimah again, you get the wingsuit. Fly off the cliff to test it out. Glide toward the bridge below. Put two sets of GE-64 on the bridge at the marked points. Go up to the next marker above the bridge and wait for the enemy convoy to appear. When the enemy convoy is properly positioned, blow up the GE-84 to take it out.

Go down the cliff to the surface-to-air missile site, and hack the two batteries there. There are enemies nearby, and it's your choice if you want to avoid them or just gun them down. After hacking the batteries, use them to take down the helicopters that attack.

Talk to Dimah and Mario again. Pull Mario across the island as you head towards the next marker. This finishes the story mission, but there are also two liberation missions you can complete in the area. When you'd like to move on to the next story mission (Mario's Rebel Drops), go to the next marker on the map.

Next up is our walkthrough for the Mario’s Rebel Drops mission.

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