Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: Turncoat, Find Dr Zeno Antithikara

Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: Turncoat, Find Dr Zeno Antithikara

Go to Lavanda and chase down Dr Zeno Antithikara to finish this mission.

This Just Cause 3 mission walkthrough will get you through the Turncoat mission. We’ll help you find and chase down Dr Zeno Antithikara.

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Just Cause 3 Turncoat Mission Walkthrough

  • Go to Lavanda and chase down Dr Zeno Antithikara to finish this mission

The next mission starts in Lavanda. Speak with Mario. If you liberate the town, it's easier to start this mission, though it's not necessary.

After speaking to Mario, look around for a military transport. You should be able to find one within about a block of Mario's location, so don't worry about having to venture too far.

Bring one of the vehicles back to Mario. Then drive to Zeno's location. When you get there, greet the enemy soldiers using the turret on the vehicle. You can exit the vehicle and kill them by other means if you like doing things the hard way.

When Zeno gets into the helicopter, grapple up to the top of your vehicle and pay attention to the road. Kill any enemies that cross your path. Then head over to the missile battery when you reach the checkpoint. Hack the site, then go back to Mario as quickly as you can. If you dawdle, a tank will show up and complicate matters.

When you get to the next surface-to-air missile site, disable it quickly and go back to Mario's ride again. Grapple towards the gunship, kill its pilot, and take out the militia soldiers when you reach your destination. Kill all the enemies to finish the mission.

Before you can start the next mission, Missile Cowboy, you need to liberate Cima Leon: CentCom. When that's done, go over to the east side of the island to begin the next mission.

Next up in our Just Cause 3 walkthrough is a guide to the Missile Cowboy mission.

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