Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: Welcome Home Walkthrough

Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: Welcome Home Walkthrough

Find the rocket launcher, find and save Mario and then go to the rebel base and fight with the militia.

In this Just Cause 3 story mission guide we’ll provide you with a full walkthrough to the Welcome Home mission. Follow our lead to find the rocket launcher, save Mario and fight the militia.

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Just Cause 3 Story Mission: Welcome Home Walkthrough

  • Find the Rocket Launcher
  • Save Mario
  • Find Mario
  • Go to the rebel base and fight with the militia

Your first task in Just Cause 3 is to defend the plane from surface-to-air missiles. Luckily, you have the rocket launcher to help you out. The missile batteries you need to shoot are highlighted via white text; when you have the shot pinned down, take it. You get unlimited ammo for this mission, but reloading takes time and leaves you vulnerable, so shoot carefully.

After a few minutes, a fighter jet shoots the front of your plane and you begin falling. Deploy your parachute when the message to do so appears, and move towards the cave below. Mario's close to your location; he'll signal for help. Go towards his position. You should see your rocket launcher on your way; it's glowing white. Grab it.

Go towards the yellow marker on the map by using the grappling hook to pull Rico to the top of the cave. Help Mario take down the enemies surrounding him. Keep an eye on his health, and make sure he doesn't die.

When the cutscene is done, go into the truck and drive to the rebels. When you get to the militia checkpoint, drive through it and mow down a few enemies. When you arrive at your objective, kill the foes using the nearby tank. Watch another cutscene, then get to the chopper and fly to your next objective.

Land the chopper in the rebel base, or parachute into it. Kill everyone in red, but avoid shooting anyone dressed in blue. They're on your side, and if you manage to keep them alive, they'll help you during the fight.

Go to the top of the tower, where you'll find your next objective. Take control of the minigun. Look for the dirt road that goes into the base, and take down any enemies that are in your line of sight. While there are a few that come in from the sides, most of the enemies travel down the road.

When you see an enemy helicopter, take it out as fast as you can. Keep fighting until you trigger another cutscene. Go to the next marker on the map to start the next story mission, Time for an Upgrade.

Next up is our walkthrough of the Just Cause 3 Time for an Upgrade mission.

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