Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: The Secret of Vis Electra, Locate and Destroy the Power Node

Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: The Secret of Vis Electra, Locate and Destroy the Power Node

Learn the secret of Vis Electra, then locate and destroy the power node.

This Just Cause 3 walkthrough will help you complete The Secret of Vis Electra mission and locate and destroy the power node.

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Just Cause 3 The Secret of Vis Electra Mission Walkthrough

  • Locate the Power Node, then destroy it

Before you can start the next mission, you need to liberate a sufficient amount of territory. When you've cleared enough, go to the power plant on the northwest side of Vis Electra. A cutscene marks the start of the mission. When it's done, follow the illuminated power conduits to the rocks up ahead. Then climb over the rocks to the next batch of cables.

When you get to the cliff above the town, go to the settlement and rejoin the conduits on the far side of the region. Use your grappling hook to get airborne and go down the large hill while following the cables into the water and out the other side. Go along the coastline, since the pipes aren't visible through the journey.

When you get to the patrol boat, drop down to the ground at the checkpoint. Take out the boats and the guards in them.

Go into the facility at the next marker. It's an underground entrance, so swim into the cavern. Follow the path and ignore the men in the next room while you search for the power node.

Go over to the gate blocking you and hack its controls to keep on going. Clear everything involved with the power node using explosives, or any other method of destruction. There are a few soldiers in the area, so you may have to take care of them. Be ready.

When you've finished off the power node, leave the plant to finish the mission. Go northwest to find the Turncoat mission and keep the story going.

Next up in our Just Cause 3 walkthrough is the Turncoat mission.

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