Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: Mario's Rebel Drops

Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: Mario's Rebel Drops

Locate a vehicle, and learn how to save vehicles in your garage.

This Just Cause 3 mission walkthrough will tell you all you need to know about the Mario’s Rebel Drops mission. In it we’ll find a vehicle and learn how to save vehicles to your garage.

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  • Locate a vehicle, and learn how to save vehicles in your garage

Go to the next waypoint to find the vehicle Mario tells you about. Open your map and mark the garage so you can head there without a problem if you decide you want to keep any of the vehicles you find later in the game. Take your vehicle to the garage and park in the blue circle to save it.

Look in the crate nearby for a Beacon. Pick it up, then select "Rebel Drop" from the menu. Request weapons, vehicles, artillery, and other gear, then wait for the stuff to be delivered. At this point, you must complete the Liberation of Baia before you can continue. When that's completed, you get a phone call from Sheldon. Go to the next marker on the map to start the next mission, A Terrible Reaction.

Next up in our Just Cause 3 walkthrough is the guide to the A Terrible Reaction mission.

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