Sea of Thieves Kraken Guide - How to Find the Kraken Location, How to Defeat the Kraken

Sea of Thieves Kraken Guide - How to Find the Kraken Location, How to Defeat the Kraken

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Straight out of folklore and that bad Pirates of the Caribbean film comes the Sea of Thieves Kraken, which is undoubtedly the toughest and most challenging enemy you can come up against. In this Sea of Thieves Kraken guide, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about the mythical beast, including how to find the Kraken location, as well as the question on everyone’s mind: how to kill the Kraken.

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Sea of Thieves Kraken Guide

The Kraken is meant to be a force to be reckoned with in Sea of Thieves, and it definitely gives that impression as soon as you come face to face with it. Developer Rare intentionally set up the creature to be basically unstoppable and unpredictable in some situations, meaning your entire crew will have to band together if you want to survive the onslaught from this gigantic foe.

The Kraken attacks with eight tentacles in total, although we should note that it will never attack with all eight at the same time (that would be pretty unfair). The Kraken is meant to be unpredictable in Sea of Thieves, and as such it has a whole number of different attacks at its disposal. It could pick you up into the air with a tentacle and either throw you off into the sea or slam you back down onto the deck or your own ship.

While the Kraken can attack every member of your crew with tentacles, it can also lay into your ship itself. A huge tentacle can slam down onto the deck of your ship, causing damage to both the body of your ship and your cannons. How you react to all these attacks will determine whether you survive the legendary Kraken, which we’ll get onto further down in this guide.

Sea of Thieves Kraken Location

Simply put, there is no finding the Kraken, at least not the conventional way. Rare intentionally designed the monster so that it couldn’t be found, and would instead find you. There’s no one area in the randomly generated map of Sea of Thieves where you can always find the Kraken, as the beast instead seeks out ships at random, attacking a crew when they least expect it.

However, we should mentioned that in theory, the deeper the water, the better chance you have of encountering the Kraken. For example, you’ve got much more chance of finding the Kraken if you’re in the middle of the wide open ocean, than if you’re currently sailing through fairly shallow waters in between two islands. The Kraken is a beast that emerges from the depths of the ocean, and as such, it’s logical to expect to find it in the middle of the wide open high seas.

But don't worry, you're not exactly going to miss the Kraken if it's near you. You'll know the Kraken's nearby when the water all around your ship turns deep black, and the clouds overheard turn a stormy color. After that, it's only a matter of seconds until the tentacles of the Kraken rise up out of the water all around your ship, and the attack begins.

How to Defeat the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

Defeating the Kraken on the other hand, is something that you do have control over in Sea of Thieves. Although the Kraken is entirely unpredictable in the attacks it’ll rain down on your ship, you can fight it with your cannons. When the Kraken first emerges, several of its tentacles will be on standby in the water, raising up like towers. At this point, you should aim all the cannons you can at any tentacles sticking out of the water, and lay into them. If you’re going to repel the Kraken, you’re going to have to hack off its limbs.

We mentioned previously an attack where the Kraken slams one tentacle onto the deck of your ship. While a tentacle is down on the deck, your crew have to lay into it with every available weapon if you want to repel it. Hack away at the tentacle with your cutlasses, or even try and angle some cannons towards any parts of the tentacle that you can, in order to get it to retreat.

It might not actually appear obvious at first, but the weak point on the Kraken is actually the head of each of the tentacles. If you can successfully land a hit on the head of a tentacle, it’ll deal far more damage than attacking it on the body would, and for this, we’d recommend picking up a scoped rifle from the Armory Chest on your ship, if you haven’t got one already.

Keep in mind that your ship is likely going to be sustaining a lot of damage in the prolonged fight with the legendary Kraken, so make sure to stock up on wooden planks as soon as you can, to repair holes in your ship as quickly as possible.

Sea of Thieves is a massive game, and we’re still very much figuring out some of the finer details of the pirate game, including the Kraken. While we’ve heard reports of the ink from the beast blinding players, we’ll have to investigate further to uncover more hidden details surrounding the Kraken.

Sea of Thieves Kraken Rewards

We should mentioned that despite the huge challenge, there's actually no in-game reward for Sea of Thieves players that actually manage to kill the Kraken. Instead of earning in-game Sea of Thieves rewards for taking down the Kraken, you'll unlock the 'Kraken Good Time' Achievement for the game, which rewards you with 15 Gamerscore for your Xbox Live profile.

Rare always intended for the Kraken to be a random force of nature in Sea of Thieves, so it's understandable that there's no actual in-game reward given to players on defeating the Kraken. Then again, given the fan backlash to the general design of the Kraken, perhaps this is something the developer might tweak further down the line.

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