Sea of Thieves Chickens and Pigs Guide - How to Catch Pigs and Chickens in Sea of Thieves, Merchant Alliance Faction Guide

Sea of Thieves Chickens and Pigs Guide - How to Catch Pigs and Chickens in Sea of Thieves, Merchant Alliance Faction Guide

Here's your complete Sea of Thieves beginner's guide, including a breakdown of all three merchant factions, and the Cursed Sails update. We'll also detail every Sea of Thieves error code, including KiwiBeard and others.

In Sea of Thieves there are two types of animals that you can catch on the high seas: pigs and chickens. In this Sea of Thieves animals guide, we'll be walking through how you can find Sea of Thieves chickens, as well as pigs. You'll need animals in order to complete quests for the Merchant Alliance faction, one of three main groups in the game.

If you instead need anything else on Sea of Thieves, including how to set sail on your very first voyage in the game, as well as how to fully customize your ship with different parts and accessories, head over to our Sea of Thieves guide walkthrough hub.

Sea of Thieves Merchant Alliance Guide

You might know that you can capture animals out on the high seas in Sea of Thieves, but how do you get quests tied to creatures? You’ll want to head to your local Merchant Alliance vendor in the outpost that you start the game in, who can always be found on the pier leading to your pirate ship.

Head to the Merchant Alliance vendor, and you’ll be able to pick up one, two, or three voyages from the faction. The special trait of this faction is that all their voyages involve you going out and collecting animals from around the map, and bringing them safely back to a Merchant Alliance vendor. Whereas other factions like the Order of Souls revolve around combat, the Merchant Alliance voyages are entirely peaceful, not putting you through any combat encounters at all.

But there’s a catch to all this: you can’t capture a pig or chicken without a coop or cage, and you can’t get hold of one of these items without returning to the Merchant Alliance vendor after you’ve decided to embark on their voyage from your ship. So, although it’s a pain, you’ll have to head to your ship, have your crew vote on a Merchant Alliance voyage, and return to the vendor to collect as many coops and cages as you and your crew can possibly carry. The coops and cages are a lot like chests, in that you can’t sprint while you’re carrying them.

How to Catch Chickens and Pigs in Sea of Thieves

Now that you’re well on your way out on the high seas on your Merchant Alliance voyage, you’ll need to know where to head. Pigs are actually far more common than chickens, and are scattered far and wide over many of the larger islands across the Sea of Thieves map. Capturing a pig or chicken is actually relatively simply once you’ve found them, all you need to do is follow them with your cage equipped, and hold down the right trigger while near them until you’ve captured the animal.

Once you’ve captured the pig or chicken in the cage, you’ll need to safely carry it back to your ship, making sure it’s above the water level at all times, and place it somewhere safe on your pirate ship. Now take the animal all the way back to an outpost, and cash it in with a Merchant Alliance vendor just like you would do with a chest.

Sea of Thieves Chicken Locations

Just below, you’ll find a complete list of every known island where you can find a chicken in Sea of Thieves. We’ll be continually updating our list, so that if we uncover any new hiding spots of the chickens, we’ll make sure to update the list just below.

  • Barnacle Cay
  • Cannon Cove
  • Crook’s Hollow
  • Marauder’s Arch
  • Old Faithful Isle
  • Shipwreck Bay
  • Thieves’ Haven
  • Twin Groves
  • Wanderers Refuge

This concludes our complete Sea of Thieves Merchant Alliance and animals guide, but make sure to continue ahead to our Sea of Thieves Kraken guide for info on how to take down the legendary beast, or our Sea of Thieves combat guide for more.

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