Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger Guide - Where to Find the Mysterious Stranger Location

Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger Guide - Where to Find the Mysterious Stranger Location

Here's your complete Sea of Thieves beginner's guide, including a breakdown of all three merchant factions, and the Cursed Sails update. We'll also detail every Sea of Thieves error code, including KiwiBeard and others.

The Mysterious Stranger plays a largely enigmatic role in Sea of Thieves, but we have managed to piece some clues together surrounding the role of the character in your pirate adventure. In this Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger guide, we’ll be going over all the Mysterious Stranger locations that we know of for certain, as well as outlining the rewards that the character can offer you.

If you instead need anything else on Sea of Thieves, including how to set sail with your brand new pirate ship, as well as how to fully customize your ship with different parts and accessories, head over to our Sea of Thieves guides walkthrough hub.

Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger Guide

The Mysterious Stranger was first discovered by players when Sea of Thieves went live, hiding out in the shadows at the very back of a tavern. It appears that this is the only certain location where the Mysterious Stranger will appear to Sea of Thieves players on the map—he’ll always be in the shadows of the tavern, and never on some remote island out in the middle of the ocean.

If you try talking to the Mysterious Stranger near the beginning of your journey throughout Sea of Thieves, he’ll only tell you that you’re not yet powerful enough of a pirate, and to come back once you’ve reached at least reputation level 5 with all three factions in the game. If you need a helping hand on how to hit this initial level as quickly as possible, head over to our Gold Hoarders guide, our Order of Souls guide, or our Merchant Alliance guide for more.

But even when you eventually find the Mysterious Stranger again once you’ve hit reputation level 5 with all three factions, he’ll merely task you with hitting reputation level 10. Beginning to notice a pattern here? Good, because the Mysterious Stranger is about to repeat this process a whole lot more. The highest reputation level we’ve seen him task a player with to date is attaining level 50 with the reputation of all three Sea of Thieves factions.

Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger Rewards

As we found out recently when a player managed to reach reputation level 50 with all three factions in Sea of Thieves, you'll be given a riddle, a new title, and a new shanty to play from the Mysterious Stranger. Solving the riddle is actually really simple: just play the new jingle in front of the Mysterious Stranger, and the ground will open up beneath you, giving you access to the fabled Legendary Pirate Tavern.

Waiting for you down in the tavern will be the ghosts of the very first Sea of Thieves players from back at E3 2015, and your legendary pirate galleon, a gigantic black ship which is set to daunt any player you encounter on the high seas.

You can now undertake more difficult voyages for all three factions in Sea of Thieves, which will reward you with Ancient Chests should you successfully complete them. Rare also revealed to us pre-launch that the ghostly NPCs in the tavern will whisper of incoming DLC for the game, so keep a sharp ear out for potential future content plans.

We might be all wrapped up for now with our guide to the Mysterious Stranger, but continue ahead to our Sea of Thieves Kraken guide, or our complete Sea of Thieves gold guide for info on how to earn money as quickly as possible.

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