Sea of Thieves Order of Souls Guide - How to Level Up the Order of Souls Faction, All Order of Souls Faction Rewards

Sea of Thieves Order of Souls Guide - How to Level Up the Order of Souls Faction, All Order of Souls Faction Rewards

Here's your complete Sea of Thieves beginner's guide, including a breakdown of all three merchant factions, and the Cursed Sails update. We'll also detail every Sea of Thieves error code, including KiwiBeard and others.

The Order of Souls faction in Sea of Thieves is the one faction in the entire game that’ll constantly challenge you through combat, sending you out on various missions against hordes of skeletons. In this Sea of Thieves Order of Souls guide, we’ll be walking you through how to level up the Order of Souls, as well as all the Order of Souls rewards you can get your hands on.

But if you need anything else relating to the larger game of Sea of Thieves, including how to get to grips with setting sail on your brand new pirate ship, as well as how to master the various combat mechanics in the game, head over to our Sea of Thieves guides walkthrough hub.

Sea of Thieves Order of Souls Guide

To begin a voyage with the Order of Souls, you’re going to want to find a building with two floors to it, in the outpost from which you begin your Sea of Thieves adventure. There’s only ever one building in every outpost with more than one floor, and on the bottom floor, you’ll find the creepy vendor of the Order of Souls, in a makeshift tent filled with various substances and potions.

Speak to the vendor, and take out all the possible starter voyages with the Order of Souls that you can. Each faction in the game, be it the Merchant Alliance, the Gold Hoarders, or the Order of Souls, will always offer you easier starter voyages entirely free of charge. Unlike the more challenging voyages that are offered to players with a higher reputation with each faction, you won’t have to shell out in gold to undertake these missions.

How to Increase Your Order of Souls Reputation

We mentioned that the Order of Souls is the only combat-based faction in Sea of Thieves, and that’s because they’re going to task you with venturing out onto the high seas and taking down entire crews of skeletons on different island. For starters, you’re going to need to find out where the riddle or map is pointing you to, and then figure out who you’re meant to be defeating.

If the Order of Souls voyage tasks with you with defeating a crew of skeletons, then you’re going to have to find and slay every skeleton you can find on that particular island. But if the voyage wants you to defeat a skeleton pirate captain, then you’re going to have to be on the lookout for a skeleton wearing a fancy pirate hat, which signifies that they’re the captain that you’re meant to defeat in order to fulfill the quest.

Sea of Thieves Order of Souls Rewards

But what can you gain by fulfilling repeated voyages for the Order of Souls? Every time you hand in a voyage to a vendor of the faction, which comes in the form of a skeleton skull instead of an actual treasure chest, you’ll increase your reputation with the faction, which in turn allows you to unlock brand new purchase options with the Shipwright, General Store, and Weapons shop.

For example, if you reach reputation level 28 with the Order of Souls, you can purchase the Rogue Sea Dog Boots from the General Clothing Store. Likewise, you can obtain the Rogue Sea Dog Figurehead from the Shipwright if you manage to reach reputation level 50 with the Order of Souls.

There are tons of different items to be obtain through levelling up your standing with the Order of Souls, and although it’s definitely a grind, it’s entirely worth your time.

We might be all wrapped up with our complete guide on the Order of Souls faction, but why not continue ahead to our Sea of Thieves Kraken guide, or our complete Sea of Thieves ship customization guide.

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