Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep Guide - New Cosmetics, How to Find Merrick, How to Unlock the Speaking Trumpet

Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep Guide - New Cosmetics, How to Find Merrick, How to Unlock the Speaking Trumpet

The Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep update is out now for the seafaring pirate game, and here you'll find information on how to find Merrick and the Megalodon shark, as well as all the riddle solutions.

The Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep update marked the first big content drop for Rare's pirate game since launch, and it brings an entirely new quest line into the game. In this Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep guide, we'll be detailing how you can complete the added Hungering Deep quest, walking you all the way through completing Merrick's objectives.

If you’re instead after help with anything else to do with Rare’s pirate game, you’ll want to hit up our Sea of Thieves guides hub. It’s here that you’ll find everything you need to know about getting to grips with sailing your ship, as well as all the various ways you can customize it to make it stand out on the oceans.

Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep Guide

The Hungering Deep content for Sea of Thieves will instantly be available as soon as you boot up the game. All you need to do is approach the character in the bar, when you load into the game.

This NPC will be sat at a table near the bar, and once you've engaged them in conversation, you’ll find that you can ask them “What’s new around here?” This is your prompt to initiate the new Hungering Deep quest, and it’s through this that the NPC will direct you to find Merrick, the new NPC that gives you the new Hungering Deep content.

How to Find Merrick in Sea of Thieves

In order to find Merrick, you’ll need to follow the directions that the NPC in the tavern gives you when you first speak to him. We received the instructions to go to the southwestern side of the Shark Bait Cove island, but we don’t yet know if this is the only location of Merrick in Sea of Thieves.

It’s entirely possible that the NPC may be randomly placed throughout the world of Sea of Thieves, and if this is the case, then you’re going to have to follow the instructions that the NPC in the tavern gives you.

Once you've found Merrick, you'll have an entirely new quest line to embark upon. Head over to our Hungering Deep quest guide for all you need to know about solving riddles and locating various clues hidden throughout the world.

Alternatively, there's quite the challenge waiting for you at the end of the Hungering Deep quest line. Check out our Sea of Thieves Megalodon guide, where you can find all the information you need on taking down the fabled shark.

How to Unlock the Speaking Trumpet in Sea of Thieves

One of the items that Rare promised would be coming to Sea of Thieves a while back is a Speaking Trumpet. You would be able to take this item and project your voice chat across a certain distance, communicating with other ships that are sailing the ocean near you.

Now it’s finally possible to get your hands on the Speaking Trumpet in Sea of Thieves, as it’s arrived as part of the Hungering Deep update. To obtain the Speaking Trumpet, all you need to do is track down Merrick, and engage him in conversation.

All you need to do is exhaust the conversation options will Merrick, and he’ll hand you the Speaking Trumpet completely for free. Now you’ve finally got a way to parlay with other ships that you encounter on the high seas.

Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep New Cosmetics

There are a bunch of new ship customization options included in the Hungering Deep update for Sea of Thieves. These mainly revolve around the new Bilge Rat faction in the game, that the NPC from the tavern who directs to you Merrick belongs to.

Just below, you can see snapshots of some of the new items that are on sale right from the Shipwright. Remember that you can always find the Shipwright on the pier of any outpost around the map, so you don’t need to hunt around very far for them.

This might be the conclusion of our Sea of Thieves guide for the Hungering Deep, but keep an eye on this guide, as we’ll be updating it with any new relevant information that we uncover within the update.

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