Madden 20 WR Ratings - All the Best Madden 20 Receivers

Madden 20 WR Ratings - All the Best Madden 20 Receivers

Here's our guide to all the best Madden 20 receivers, as going by all the in-game WR ratings.

A strong air attack is imperative in Madden 20, but your passing game is only going to be as good as your receivers. In this Madden 20 receiver ratings guide, we'll be going over the best Madden 20 WR ratings, so you know which are the very best wideouts throughout the game.

Madden 20 Best Receiver Ratings

In the table below, we'll be going over the best Madden 20 receivers in the game. We'll be listing out their overall ratings, speed rating, and catch rating, all of which are paramount stats for all receivers.

PlayerOverall RatingSpeedCatching
DeAndre Hopkins999299
Julio Jones989295
Antonio Brown989299
Odell Beckham969496
Michael Thomas958998
Tyreek Hill949990
Adam Thielen949096
Stefon Diggs939197
Davante Adams928993
T.Y. Hilton919393
Mike Evans918988
A.J. Green909090
Keenan Allen908895
Julian Edelman898688
Amari Cooper899291
JuJu Smith-Schuster889194
Emmanuel Sanders888992
Alshon Jeffrey878989
Brandin Cooks879593
Tyler Lockett879392
Robert Woods879195
Allen Robinson869089
Marvin Jones869087
DeSean Jackson859390
Golden Tate859088
Larry Fitzgerald848391
Cooper Kupp848889
Jarvis Landry848991
Kenny Stills848288
Marquise Goodwin849886
Tyler Boyd838994
Kenny Golladay839090
Cole Beasley838790

Madden 20 Best Receiver Stats

In the table above, we've detailed the complete list of the best wide receivers you can find throughout Madden 20. We've compiled receivers from around the league in this list, but you'll note that some teams definitely boast a better receiving corps than others (the Rams being one such team).

With receivers in Madden 20, speed is always a vital statistic. Because of the speed at which online Madden matches are played, the pace of players is typically valued above their catching ability, although we're definitely not suggesting you trade out slower receivers for those that are quicker but with less reliable catching abilities.

The perfect receiver in Madden definitely needs to strike a balance between speed and catching. All the best receivers in the game will be able to outpace nearly every defensive back your opponent can throw at them, while also being able to catch passes that are perfectly placed just out of reach of any defenders. If you've got any of the top 10 receivers in the list above, they'll drastically change the game for you.

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