Death Stranding: How to Calm BB Down

Death Stranding: How to Calm BB Down

In this guide, you'll find information on how to calm down BB in Death Stranding, and more.

The BB journeys everywhere with Sam in Death Stranding, and you'll need to keep BB happy in order to make it through areas with BTs. The condition of BB is something that you'll need to always pay attention to, but there's a way to cheer it up if it's feeling down. In this Death Stranding BB guide, we'll be compiling all the information you need to know about the BB, including the way it functions, how to calm it down, and more.

BB Explained

BB is used as a tool by Sam when he ventures out into the open world. Strapping BB to his chest, Sam carries around BB in the same pod. BB's function is to highlight BTs out in the open world for Sam, and without BB, you can't hope to actually see, and therefore avoid, the BTs.

Whenever you enter an area with BTs, the scanner on Sam's shoulder will light up, tracking the location of BTs with pulses. This is only possible if BB is in a stable condition, as the scanner won't work at all if BB's overall health meter has fallen to zero.

So what affects the health of BB? Below, we've compiled a list of everything that will negatively impact the health of BB.

  1. Submerging the BB pod in water.
  2. Alerting BTs to your location.
  3. Getting grabbed by BTs.
  4. Getting dragged under by BTs.
  5. Getting hit by Mule's weapons.
  6. Getting hit by firearms or grenades.
  7. Falling more than a few meters.

How to Calm BB Down

Whenever BB is stressed, you'll hear it crying. If you've got the speaker enabled on your DualShock 4 controller, you'll hear BB's cries coming through the speaker on the controller.

If BB cries because it's distressed, due to any of the reasons we've listed above, you'll need to calm it down. To do this, hold down the left shoulder button, and press down on the d-pad, to view BB from a first person perspective.

Simply rock your controller back and forth. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Sony

Now press square, and you'll take BB off your suit, holding it out in front of you. Now rock your controller back and forth, and Sam will rock BB in-game, eventually calming it down after about 5 seconds or so. Note that if you have the motion sensor disabled on your DualShock 4, you'll have to tap the right trigger to rock BB back and forth.

Rocking BB back and forth not only calms it down, but it'll also increase the overall bond between Sam and BB. There's a 5 star system for Sam to level up with BB, and doing so will increase BB's health meter.

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