Death Stranding Boots - How to Change Your Boots

Death Stranding Boots - How to Change Your Boots

Here's how you can change your boots in Death Stranding.

The going can get really tough in Death Stranding, especially when you're on your feet all day. As Sam, you'll want to know how to switch out your boots for a better pair of footwear at any time. In this guide, we'll be walking you through how to change boots in Death Stranding on the fly, so you can switch out your shoes when they're in bad condition.

Death Stranding: How to Change Boots

Whenever you're roaming around the open world of Death Stranding on foot, your boots are going to be under constant pressure. This can cause their durability to degrade at a fairly steady pace.

Simply put, to switch out your boots in Death Stranding, you need to press the 'Options' button on your PS4 controller. Then, press left on the d-pad, and select the 'Cargo' menu. In this menu, you'll see every item that Sam is currently carrying on his back, as well as every item he has equipped on him.

You can change boots on the fly. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

To switch out boots, you need to make sure you've got a fresh pair of shoes attached to your boot clip. When you fabricate a new pair of Bridges Boots at any delivery terminal, you can attach them to Sam's boot clip, which is on the left side of his back. Then, when you're in the Cargo menu as we described above, you can select the shoes attached to the boot clip, and select the 'Attach to Footwear' option.

Doing this instantly equips the fresh pair of boots to Sam's feet. The boots that you were previously wearing will now be switched out to the boot clip, and from there you can just select to 'Offload' them and be done with them.

Boot Durability Meter Explained

As we mentioned above, you're going to be wearing through your boots in Death Stranding whenever you're out in the open world, and not using a vehicle. Note that while you're on the power grid, for example near a delivery terminal, you won't be wearing through the boots that you have equipped.

Something worth keeping in mind is that your movement speed and the terrain will impact the rate at which your boots decay. Sprinting will degrade the boots faster than just walking, as will traversing through water, snow, or rocky terrain.

The boot durability meter is at the bottom left of the screen. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

You can keep a constant eye on the health of your boots near the bottom left corner of the screen. There's a horizontal bar next to a symbol of boots, and this meter will steadily go down as you move through the world. When low enough, the bar will eventually turn light orange, and eventually red as it decreases further. Leaving your boots to decrease in health can lead to eventual blood loss, which will seriously hamper Sam's progress. It's important to switch out boots whenever they hit the light orange section of the durability meter.

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