Death Stranding Delivery Bot - How to Unlock More Delivery Bots

Death Stranding Delivery Bot - How to Unlock More Delivery Bots

Here's how to use the Delivery Bots in Death Stranding, and how you can unlock additional bots.

You can use Delivery Bots in Death Stranding to complete side orders that aren't linked to the main story. Although you only start out with a single Delivery Bot, you can unlock an additional bot through one proven method. In this guide, we'll be explaining everything there is to know about the Death Stranding Delivery Bots, including how you can unlock additional bots so you can have more than out on a job at once.

Death Stranding Delivery Bots Explained

When you reach the distribution center south of Lake Knot City in the Central Region of Death Stranding, you'll unlock a Delivery Bot. From then on, you can send out the bot on an order from a delivery terminal at a distribution center, to undertake a 'Standard Order' from the main menu of the terminal.

The bot will have access to the same Standard Orders than Sam does. When you go into the bot orders from the main delivery terminal menu, you'll see the destinations for all the orders the bot can undertake. You'll see how much cargo the bot will have to carry, any fragile/precious cargo, and any other risks that will threaten the bot during the delivery.

You'll also be able to see how long it'll take the Delivery Bot to complete the order. This is time relative to the real world, so if a delivery says it'll take 30 minutes, it'll take 30 literal minutes. Plan around this: if Sam's about to head out on a delivery and you've got a delivery bot available, send it out before you go, so you'll be able to send it out again by the time you reach your destination.

How to Unlock More Delivery Bots

As we mentioned above, when you unlock Delivery Bots for use in the Central Region of Death Stranding, you only have one at your disposal. You can therefore only send out one Delivery Bot at a time, regardless of whether you visit another delivery terminal from the one you dispatched the bot from.

To unlock another Delivery Bot, you need to level up your bond with Benjamin Hancock at the distribution center west of Capital Knot City. This is found to the southwest of Capital Knot City, and you can increase your bond by undertaking orders that have cargo to deliver to Benjamin Hancock.

Level up your bond with Benjamin Hancock to four out of five stars, and you'll unlock a second Delivery Bot for use. You can now have Delivery Bots undertaking two side orders at once, meaning you can accomplish more orders quicker.

Additionally, you can unlock a third Delivery Bot for use from South Knot City. Simply level your bond with the city up to level four stars, and you'll unlock a third Delivery Bot for use whenever you want.

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