Death Stranding Fast Travel - How to Unlock Fast Travel

Death Stranding Fast Travel - How to Unlock Fast Travel

This is our page on unlocking fast travel in Death Stranding.

Traversing the open world is a large part of Death Stranding's gameplay loop. You'll no doubt be wondering how to use the fast travel system, or if there even is a fast travel system in the game at all. In this Death Stranding fast travel guide, we'll be detailing how to unlock the fast travel function, and how you can put it to use.

Death Stranding: How to Unlock Fast Travel

At the beginning of Death Stranding, fast travel won't be available for Sam to use. In fact, it's highly likely that fast travel won't be unlocked until at least 10 hours into the game, depending on how quickly you progress the main story.

To unlock fast travel in Death Stranding, you need to first make it to Port Knot City. Then, you need to make it to Lake Knot City, which is located within the Central Region of the game. At this point, as soon as you make it to Lake Knot City, fast travel will be immediately unlocking for you.

How to Use Fast Travel

Don't worry, we won't be spoiling any story details for Death Stranding here. All we'll say is that every time you want to use fast travel, you need to go to a private room anywhere in the game. This could be in any of the distribution centers, or at a completed Safe House that you or another player has constructed.

Use Fragile's umbrella to fast travel. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Sony

Enter the private room, and look to the right of the shower/toilet area. Press square, and you'll be able to use the fast travel system. You'll be provided with a list of private rooms around the entire game, including distribution centers and Safe Houses, that you can immediately fast travel to.

Note that when you fast travel in Death Stranding, you unfortunately leave behind all your equipment in a private locker. All you'll take with you is your boots and basic clothes, so once you've used fast travel and arrived at a new location, you'll need to either fabricate some new equipment from the delivery terminal, or find some nearby in the world.

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