Death Stranding Ludens Fan - How to Find Geoff Keighley

Death Stranding Ludens Fan - How to Find Geoff Keighley

This is our page on how to find Geoff Keighley, AKA. the Ludens Fan, in Death Stranding.

Back before Death Stranding even released, we knew that Geoff Keighley had been scanned into the game at Kojima Productions, and would be appearing in-game. He plays a character called the 'Ludens Fan,' and you can find him in the Eastern Region of the world. In this Death Stranding Ludens Fan guide, we'll be walking you through how to make the delivery to Geoff Keighley's location in the game, which will allow you to properly meet him, and add his outpost into the Chiral Network.

Death Stranding: How to Find Geoff Keighley

In Death Stranding, you'll start out in the 'Eastern Region' of America. This map runs from Capital Knot City all the way to Port Knot City in the southwest, and to find the Ludens Fan AKA. Geoff Keighley, you'll want to head west from Capital Knot City.

death stranding ludens fan location

You can see the pinpointed location of Geoff Keighley's outpost in Death Stranding just above. It's located roughly in between Capital Knot City, and the distribution center west of Capital Knot City, the latter of which is roughly in the middle of the Eastern Region.

Ludens Fan Delivery

But you can't just go and visit the Ludens Fan's outpost to meet him. Instead, you need to collect some lost cargo for him, which is found just to the west of his actual outpost, little more than 100 meters away.

death stranding ludens fan lost cargo

Then, scale the cliff back up the Ludens Fan's outpost. Don't worry, you'll have the outpost itself marked on your HUD after you've collected the lost cargo, so you'll immediately know where to go.

Once you've reached the Luden Fan's outpost, you know the drill: hand in the required cargo, meet Geoff Keighley, and hook him up to the Chiral Network. You're all done with this cameo appearance, although there are a few others to be found…

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