Death Stranding: How to Cross the Tar Belt

Death Stranding: How to Cross the Tar Belt

Here's how to cross the huge tar belt in Death Stranding.

In Episode 8 of Death Stranding, you'll be tasked with making it across a particularly large area of tar in the southwestern section of the Central Region map. This is a pretty huge obstacle to cross, but the tar belt stands in the way of Sam proceeding with the main story. In this guide to the big Death Stranding tar belt, we'll be guiding you across the area as easily as possible.

How to Cross the Tar Belt

After you're all wrapped up with paying Heartman a visit in his very high tech cabin in the mountains, he'll task you with lugging a load of cargo to the other side of the tar belt. The first challenge here is just making it to the tar belt, which is located far to the southwest of where Heartman lives, carrying all the excess cargo with you.

  1. When you've dropped off the excessively largely cargo at the destination, Heartman will let you know that you now need to cross the huge tar belt.
  2. Depositing all unnecessary cargo at the delivery terminal,
  3. head southwest along the tar coast, and you'll eventually come to an area swarming with BTs.
  4. Proceed through the BTs, until you get to the southern tip of the area.
  5. At this point, you want to wade into the tar belt, just a few meters, and stand up, attracting as much attention to yourself as possible.
  6. The goal here is to get grabbed and pulled under by a BT, while you're stood in the tar belt.
  7. Doing this will cause a huge, powerful BT to rise up out of the tar belt. But doing this will also cause buildings and vehicles to rise up out of the liquid, which gives you a makeshift path through to the other side of the tar belt.

All you need to do is run to the other end of the tar belt, heading south, and avoid the huge BT at all costs. You're looking for Amelie in the tar belt, and when you reach her, this section of Death Stranding with the tar belt will successfully draw to a close.

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