How to Repair and Recharge Vehicles in Death Stranding

How to Repair and Recharge Vehicles in Death Stranding

Increase your vehicle's durability with these simple tips.

The world is Death Stranding is pretty large by anyone's standards, and it can be really hard to traverse quickly at times. Having a vehicle at your disposal, be it a truck or a trike, allows you to zip around certain portions of the world incredibly quickly, carrying tons of cargo as you go. In this Death Stranding vehicles guide, we'll be detailing everything you need to know about how vehicles function in the game, including how to repair vehicles in Death Stranding, how to recharge them, and more.

There are two types of vehicles in Death Stranding: trikes and trucks. Both of these can be fabricated through the Chiral Network at a delivery terminal outside a city, and both of these are going to take damage when you're driving them along in the open world.

How to Repair Vehicles

There's no way of repairing a vehicle yourself. Container Repair Sprays won't work, so you'll have to put your vehicle into a garage by using the delivery terminal, and take it back out again. Do this, and your vehicle will immediately be repaired and back in action.

How to Send Vehicles to a Garage

To send your vehicle to a Garage, head to a nearby delivery terminal. Now, select Garage from the menu, and send your vehicle to the elevator. Press X and then select Store Vehicle.

You Can Also Enter Your Private Room

Resting in your Private Room will also recharge and repair your vehicles. You'll see an animation play out when you do so, in which Sam stores his bike for repairs. Once you head back out into the Distribution Center, your ride will be good as new.

When to Repair Your Vehicle

Unfortunately, the vehicles don't have a visible health meter. Instead, you've got to visibly assess them to see the current health that they're in. As a basic rule: if your vehicle is emitting smoke, then it's pretty close to dying, and when a vehicle dies, it'll explode in a ball of fire, damaging Sam, BB, and all the cargo you're carrying.

To avoid this happening, you're going to want to repair your vehicles whenever they're damaged. The trouble is, there's only one way to repair vehicles in Death Stranding: send them back into the garage from a delivery terminal.

A vehicle in the garage is instantly repaired. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Sony

How to Recharge a Vehicle's Battery

Every vehicle in Death Stranding operates on a battery. Conventional oil motors are very much a thing of the past after the titular Death Stranding took place, and so Sam's vehicles all operate on rechargeable batteries.

Whenever you're driving along around the open world, the battery of your vehicle is going to be constantly degrading. The rate at which the battery empties isn't affected by the surface you're driving on, although the battery of a vehicle will decrease rapidly if you're driving through water.

Generators recharge the battery of any vehicle within range. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Sony

To recharge the battery of a vehicle, you need to bring it within range of a generator. The generators can be built from PCCs, which Sam can fabricate from a delivery terminal on the Chiral Network. Equip the PCC from your inventory menu by holding right on the d-pad, and while you're holding the PCC, hold down on the d-pad to bring up a list of structures you can build.

Cycle round to the Generator, which is the tallest structure of the lot. Throw the PCC on the ground with the right trigger once you've selected the Generator, and it'll be built exactly 20 seconds later. Once the Generator is up and running, it'll immediately charge all vehicles within a 5 meter radius.

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