Persona 5 Fusion Beginner’s Guide - How to Make Powerful Personas

Persona 5 Fusion Beginner’s Guide - How to Make Powerful Personas

Everything you need to know to get to grips with Persona 5’s Fusion system.

When you're eventually let loose into the depths of the first dungeon in Persona 5, the game will throw the concept of Personas at you, as well as presenting you with the ability to fuse different Personas together to create a single, more powerful Persona. Confused? We could hardly blame you, which is why we've put together this Persona 5 Fusion guide explaining the concept of, as well as how to register, your Personas. On top of this, we'll also walk you through how to fuse together Personas, and how you should do this to create more powerful Personas for yourself.

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Persona 5 Persona Fusion Guide

Before you start fusing Personas in the Velvet Room, make sure that you register every single one that might not already be on there. Once you've fused a Persona, that's it, which means that you could potentially lose a Persona forever if you accidentally fuse it away.

In addition to this, registering Personas that you encounter in the compendium will also help you to get them back, should you want to add them to the mix in the creation of a powerful Persona, or just want to add it back to your hand. You should also register one Persona of every Arcana to keep on hand with you. Having a Persona of a matching Arcana in your hand as the Confidant Social Link that you want to build will help you level that Confidant up much faster.

Don't get attached to Personas

Once you encounter a Persona that you like, it can be easy to hang onto it throughout an entire palace, however Personas level up slower than your character and party, so it can often be more useful to fuse that Persona away to create something more powerful. Additionally, if there is a particular skill that you want to carry over from a Persona, you can also select certain abilities to 'inherit' from the others. The number of skills you can carry over correlates to the Social Link rank that you have correlating to the Arcana of that certain Persona, so be sure to make the most of using your Social Link Skills.

How to Produce Powerful Personas in Persona 5

One of the biggest Persona 5 Fusion tips is to fuse a Persona that you have a high Social Link Rank in, powering it up. Each level you have in that certain Social Link Arcana allows you to give that particular Persona a significant EXP boost. This can potentially let you fuse a Persona at your current level, but with the additional EXP boost you may be able to fuse a Persona that is significantly higher level than yourself. The potential that this allows with certain Personas is that you are able to gain access to their powerful skills early on, so remember to level up those Social Links, as it may come in handy in the creation of a Persona that might be the key to defeating a particularly tough boss or enemy.

Diversify Your Equipped Personas

When fusing a Persona, it's important to take into account the balance of your currently equipped 'hand' - You don't want five personas that all have the same vulnerabilities and spout ice. It's best to make sure you have a wide spread of skills every time you go into a palace. Compound this with inheriting abilities from other Personas, and you'll have a wide spread of Personas with a range of Skills, meaning you're never left vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Pay Attention To Caroline and Justine

Igor's careful assistants in the Velvet Room, Caroline and Justine, will be able to give you access to even more options in the Velvet Room, related to making your Personas stronger and giving you a wider range of options through their Social Link. They'll often ask for an incredibly specific Persona, and while it might be a hassle to start with, the skills that developing that Social Link unlock are really invaluable to playing the rest of the game.

You should be fully prepared for the challenges that the blonde duo come at you with- it should be a no-brainer since there is no real time investment. This is key to conditioning your Personas against elemental weaknesses, which can become an issue in later Palaces.

If you want more Persona 5 advice, why not check out our Persona 5 Confidant/Social Link guide and our overview of Mementos and Requests. Soon you'll be JRPG'ing with the best of them. We've also got all the Persona 5 Test Answers in a handy guide.

Now that we've passed on all the information we can on how to fuse together Personas, all you need to do is get out there and start collecting them at every opportunity!

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