Persona 5 - How to Beat the Palace Dungeon, King Kamoshida, Heavenly Punisher

Persona 5 - How to Beat the Palace Dungeon, King Kamoshida, Heavenly Punisher

Dungeons are a key part of Persona 5, challenging the player in both navigation and combat. Although they're the toughest areas of the game, they also feature the best treasure items to acquire.

King Kamoshida's Palace, or the Palace Dungeon, is the first Dungeon that players will be able to take on in Persona 5. Acting as an introductory Dungeon to the game, it's undoubtedly easier than what comes later in the game, although it can still present a fair challenge if Ryuji, Ann and Morgana are unprepared.

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Persona 5 Kamoshida Palace Dungeon Guide

Although the player is at first given two introductory visits to the Palace Dungeon courtesy of Morgana, the rest of the visits are entirely up to you, meaning you can do the entire Dungeon in one go, or chip away at it over the course of a few weeks. However, you will have the expulsion deadline to keep an eye on, and so in this Persona 5 guide we'll be walking you through the Palace Dungeon in the easiest and quickest way possible.

The first two introductory visits will leave the Phantom Thieves at the first Safe Room in the Palace Dungeon, and from here you'll want to head out and turn immediately left down the hallway, dealing with the single enemy patrolling there before heading into the banquet hall.

In this large hall there are three enemies all moving in individual patrolling patterns, so either take them all out to earn some decent XP, or use the tables and pillars as cover to move across the room and out of the other door into the corridor running parallel with the first one.

Down this corridor there'll be a single enemy, so take them out and head to the stairs, leading up to the second floor of the Kamoshida Palace Dungeon.

Kamoshida Palace Dungeon: Second Floor

Making it past the few enemies situated in the corridor immediately on the second floor, the Phantom Thieves will find themselves in a puzzle room, with bars locking off the majority of the room. Use your Mind's Eye ability (hit L1) to reveal sets of footprints on the floor leading to the correct chains to pull. Once pulled, both these correct chains will open up and the Phantom Thieves will be able to grab the map in the middle of the room.

Head down the next corridor after the puzzle room, and you, Ryuji, Ann and Morgana will all find themselves in a huge lobby area, with bars blocking off the door at the other end of the walkway. Instead, go back to where you entered and use the shelf in order to climb up to the level of the chandeliers. Moving across the chandeliers, make your way to the opposite walkway at the other end of the room, and use the Safe Room in the room just ahead of you.

After the Safe Room, follow the corridor as it snakes around the corner, along two sets of stairs, and the Phantom Thieves will find themselves in another large banquet room with a fair few enemies. The enemies within the hall are easy to ambush thanks to the tables allowing for a stealthy approach, and after this the group will find themselves in a Wine Cellar, with only a locked door at the other end.

But fear not, for there's another climbable ledge in the room, allowing the Phantom Thieves to sneak through a ventilation shaft and onto the stairs leading to the next floor in the Palace Dungeon.

Kamoshida Palace Dungeon: Third Floor

We're up to the third floor in the Palace Dungeon, so make sure to use the Safe Room directly ahead of you when you enter the floor, for the Phantom Thieves will be facing some tougher enemies this time.

Following the corridor, taking the turning on the left when you find your party at a junction, collect the book you find in the room at the end of the corridor. Turn back on yourself and keep following the corridor in the other direction, continuing past the locked door and eventually heading into the room on your right when you reach the end of the hallway.

Collect the second book in this room, then head back towards the locked door, taking the turning on the left into a small room to find the third and final book. Turning right from the locked door, the Phantom Thieves will now be in a long corridor, and the group will want to head into the first room on the left.

This is a small puzzle room, which requires the three books we collected earlier. The Slave book goes in the gap in the shelf about the boys, the King book goes in the shelf about Kamoshida, and the Queen book goes in the shelf with the books about female students. Once placed in the correct shelves, a section of the room will move away in order to reveal a secret room.

Enter the secret room and search the bookshelf on the right to find a medal and another map. Now, return to the locked door from earlier and use the medal in order to proceed through.

Kamoshida Palace Heavenly Punisher Mini Boss

As you enter the chapel, Morgana will present the player with the opportunity to rest before the fight ahead, so make sure to head back to the Safe Room and save the game before taking on the Heavenly Punisher.

This elite knight isn't too tough, but he can make short work of the Phantom Thieves if the player chooses not to Guard at the correct times. Morgana will teach the player at the beginning of the fight about Guarding to reduce damage, and you should use this ability on everyone every time the Heavenly Punisher uses his Charge ability. Keep hacking away at the Heavenly Punisher using physical attacks, and he should go down with relatively little trouble.

Once the Heavenly Punisher falls, the chapel room will then fill with enemies, so it's a good idea to retreat and take advantage of saving the game in the Safe Room. Once you're back in the chapel, either sneak or fight your way to the far side of the hall, climb up the crates and onto a balcony with bars covering a door.

From here, climb up to the top of the pillars, and hop across these and the beam running in between them to reach the balcony on the opposite side of the chapel. Heading into the corridor at the end of the balcony, follow the corridor all the way around to the right to unlock a shortcut back into the chapel, and then head back and to the stairs leading to the next floor of the Palace Dungeon.

Kamoshida Palace Dungeon: Roof and Tower

There are plenty of enemies patrolling the courtyard as soon as your reach the roof area, so make sure to use all the crates scattered around the area to get the drop on them. Once they're all dealt with, use the pile of boxes to climb up to a set of ledges, and follow them all the way around until you're given the option to jump to the inside of the tower.

Once inside the tower, use the Safe Room ahead of you, and then head straight up the stairs, ignoring the first lot of enemies you come to and instead using the next set of stairs you come across. The Phantom Thieves will now find themselves blocked by some swinging axes, so use the bust of Kamoshida in vain, and then head back down a floor to deal with the enemies here and claim the key needed to stop the axes.

Head back upstairs, using the key on the bust of Kamoshida to stop the axes, and proceed up the next set of stairs you come to. In this room there'll be an enemy who issues a challenge to the group, so make sure the whole party is healed before heading in here. The Torn King of Desire doesn't present an insurmountable challenge to the Phantom Thieves, but use Ryuji's Headbutt ability and other physical-based attacks in order to take him out.

Once the Torn King of Desire is down, head up the newly-formed stairs and to a locked door. Use the statue on the left to climb up to the upper level of the Throne Room. Enter the room, and watch the cutscene play out, after which you'll be instructed on how to take down King Kamoshida himself, and put an end to the Palace Dungeon.

Persona 5 King Kamoshida Boss Fight

While the King Kamoshida boss fight isn't particularly difficult, he does have the ability to regenerate health from the chalice in front of him. Attack the boss himself until he takes a slurp from the chalice, and then focus instead on attacking the cup, cutting off his source of regeneration.

Once this has been completed, send Ryuji off to steal the crown instead of the treasure as this will make the fight easier later on, and keep on hacking away at King Kamoshida, remembering to use potions and healing abilities from Ann and Morgana where necessary.

Once the crown has been stolen from the king, the fight is virtually over, as Kamoshida is now left vulnerable to all attacks. Press the offensive and finish him off, watching the cutscene play out afterwards and learning of the effect your actions had on the real world.

Should you need help with any other challenges faced in Persona 5, then be sure to consult our various guides on the game, including how to romance other characters, and how to negotiate with Demons. We've also got all the Persona 5 Test Answers in a handy guide.

Now that you're all set with the quickest and easiest ways in which to complete the Palace Dungeon, you should have no trouble racing through and bringing an end to the desires of King Kamoshida.

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