Persona 5 Negotiation Guide - How to Negotiate With Demons

Persona 5 Negotiation Guide - How to Negotiate With Demons

Here you can find out all about how to wrangle all demons in Persona 5 for the very best loot available, as well as how to create new Personas from them.

When Persona 5 finally lets the player loose within the first dungeon, you'll be presented with scenarios in which you can communicate with demons, demanding a variety of rewards from them in exchange for their freedom. In this Persona 5 negotiation guide we'll teach you the best tactics for approaching a conversation with any demon, meaning you can always work out how to gain the best rewards from any enemy.

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Persona 5 Demon Negotiation Guide

Keep a Rounded Deck of Personas

The easiest way to enter into a Demon Negotiation is to keep a well rounded, balanced deck of Personas, so you'll be able to exploit an enemy's weakness to knock them down and get them into a negotiation. It's recommend that you inherit harder to find elements through Persona Fusion, as it can help massively when going up against enemies.

You may find some enemies without a weakness, but they are usually surrounded by weaker enemies that are easier to knock down. In this situation, exploit the weaker enemy's elemental weakness with attacks that do damage to all enemies, and then once they're down and the tough enemy is weakened, they will usually grovel, and then you will gain access to that Persona. This is especially useful for Oni in Kaneshiro's Palace.

Level Up the Sun Social Link

To unlock more conversation options during Demon Negotiation, you will have to go through the Sun Social Link, and from here you'll be able to unlock different options that allow you to obtain rarer items and more Yen from negotiations. Be aware that at the lower levels of this Social Link there is a higher chance that your enemies might not abide what you say, and will kick you out of the Demon Negotiation phase of battle. At higher levels, this Sun Social Link is invaluable, and eventually allows you to get Personas without needing to negotiate at all.

Appeal to Their Personality

Each Persona has a particular Personality, which you are able to analyse as you get into a demon negotiation. These traits are the following:

  • Upbeat
  • Timid
  • Irritable
  • Gloomy

As to what conversation option to pick to appeal to each of the personalities, you may well have to play it by ear. Each Persona has a pretty clear direction that their conversation is going, so if you play along with them, or appeal as much as you can to them with the knowledge that you have on their personality, you'll be able to appeal easily to them.

Skip Negotiations Entirely

If you've already got a Persona and are holding them up, you'll be able to get a free item or money as you've already welcomed a Persona of that type in your heart. The same can be said if you've already obtained a Persona and encounter another, as you will be able to skip the negotiation entirely and get them for free, which is a great way of obtaining a Persona if you don't want to summon one from your compendium.

Drain Personas Entirely Before Killing Them

If you've identified the weakness of a Persona, and have no intention of capturing it, then you should ask for money or items, and should repeat this several times until you eventually hold them up and kill them. This way, you'll ensure that you're getting the most out of each Persona that you encounter, even if you've already welcomed it into your heart.

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Now that you're up to speed on how to get the most out of any demon you come across, you'll be able to create all sorts of Personas in Persona 5.

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