Persona 5 Mementos and Requests Guide

Persona 5 Mementos and Requests Guide

A handy guide on how to undertake Memento side quests and tips on how to complete them.

In Persona 5, there are a number of side-quests that you can complete named Mementos, which you can visit any time, unlike the main Palaces that you'll be tackling in the main story. The benefit of these Persona 5 Mementos is that you'll be able to fulfill requests, and also level up and grab rare items- if you know where to look for them. Luckily, this handy Persona 5 Mementos guide will help you through the complex web of quests that you'll be able to tackle in these procedurally generated dungeons.

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Persona 5 Mementos Requests Guide

To undertake them, all you need to do is talk to Mishima, so make sure to check your phone for any new requests!

Prepare Yourself:

It's easy to dive into the Mementos after you've completed a Palace, but remember to stock up on curative items and fuse your Personas, otherwise you might be left battered and bruised. Since the Mementos Dungeons are all procedurally generated, you never know when you might run into a particularly difficult enemy, which means you should also remember to keep a full deck of powerful Personas, just to make sure you don't get outed from a type advantage against you.

Don't Ignore Your Social Links:

In order to max out certain Social Links, you'll often need to complete a Mementos quest to get past them, so don't ignore the Social Links that request a Mementos mission and prioritize something else. These missions are often the gatekeeper of a new skill, which are incredibly useful in the long run. Additionally, the spare time you have to delve into Mementos missions are also prime time to make some headway into levelling up Social Links, so it's best to clear the Social Link Mementos missions as soon as they unlock.

Explore on Rainy Days:

When it’s raining in the real world, you might want to check out what might be crawling around in the Mementos, as on a rainy day you'll find rougher enemies in addition to rarer loot drops and chests. Do be careful, though, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed if you stray from safety and find yourself surrounded by shadows. It's also an excellent opportunity for players wanting to gain EXP quickly if you're stuck.

Time your Adventures:

Without sufficient planning, it can be easy to tire you and your party out on sidequests. We don't recommend delving into the world of Mementos when there's a Palace to finish, as it can take you a while to recover your items, and also wastes the precious days that you have to finish the main story quests. Only after you've sent the calling card and defeated the boss of the Palace should you really dive into the sidequests, otherwise you might find yourself running out of time. The benefits of going into these dungeons are tempting, but be smart.

Stockpile your Requests:

You are able to tackle a few requests at once, which is very handy. This lets you complete many of the requests without burning any more precious days than you need to. This is particularly useful if you're looking to maximise your time building your stats and Social Links during the day, especially if you need to complete requests in order to get to a new Social Link rank.

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