Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide – Neon Nights Mission Walkthrough

Here's how you shut down Prague's illegal Neon distribution ring in the mission Neon Nights in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Guide by Jeremy Signor, Tom Orry, .

In your wanderings in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, you might break into an apartment with a rainbow swan on the door and learn of a drug ring in the guise of a cleaning service. This Neon Nights guide will tell you how to break up the Neon epidemic.

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Neon Nights Walkthrough

Head to the Zelen apartment complex and go into the manhole out the entrance on the same side as the stairs to your apartment. Descend and follow the sewer until you see a locked gate with a terminal. Unlock the gate and continue to the far right until you come to another gate. Use the code you received at the start of this mission to unlock it. You'll find a turret directly inside. If you can dominate turrets, then hack the terminal to turn it off. Either way, though, the turret has a blind spot behind it, so once you flank it, you're safe.

Make your way to where a bunch of unarmed people are making Neon under armed guard below. Drop down to the left and sneak your way towards the back until you get to the ladder halfway down. If you don't object to killing, you can turn on the breakers in the corners of the room to electrify the floor while the guards are on it. Climb the ladder, take the guard on top out, and hack the terminal to turn all the lasers off. Continue to the back and enter the smaller room there. You'll find a woman working at a terminal. You can either knock her out or attempt to persuade her to help you shut down the Neon tanks if you have Social . If you attempt the latter, use the Reverse Psychology option to dupe her into unlocking the nearby reactor and giving you some Biocells to insert into the two plugs flanking the terminal in the center. Even if you have to knock her out, you can hack the door or use your Klipspringer Jump Mod to jump over the gate to get in. Once you have access to the reactor terminal, all you have to do is empty the tanks.

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