Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide – How to Stop Samizdat Hacking TF29

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide – How to Stop Samizdat Hacking TF29

Here's how to stop Samizdat from hacking Task Force 29's headquarters in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

When Task Force 29's paranoid Peter Chang sends you to an apartment housing a signal that's trying to hack your headquarters, you discover that independent conspiracy theory-prone publication Samizdat are the ones sniffing around for dirt. In this Deus Ex Mankind Divided walkthrough we'll tell you how to stop Samizdat from blowing your cover.

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough - How to Stop Samizdat Hacking TF29

Head to the third-floor apartment indicated by the waypoint and break in. Hack the terminal and log onto the messenger program pretending to be Little K. Choose the Stall option to pretend that you're running late, and use the Question option to get K to tell you where Samizdat is. Go to the manhole by the music store or the church and follow the waypoint to Samizdat's base of operations hidden behind a pile of boxes. Reason with them about the hacking and you'll eventually work out a trade for something incriminating about media outlet Picus from Palisade Property Bank's CEO in her office.

From here, you can attempt to persuade K to just drop the issue outright. Choosing the Objectify option will result in K being convinced not to keep digging into your headquarters, letting you complete the mission if you so choose. Even if you do, though, you can still help out Samizdat by breaking into Palisade.

Travel to Palisade and covertly break into Tomas Romanek's office – the first one on the right as you go in the main entrance. On the desk, you'll find a Palisade Elevator Keycard. Take the elevator to the third floor and sneak into the CEO's office directly to the left, dispatching the guards and security systems on the way. Hack the terminal there and read the email “That Stupid Sculpture”. Go to the back of the room and look at the sculpture that looks like several stacks of cubes. Interact with it in the following sequence: Raise, Turn, Raise, Turn, Turn, Raise. A secret door will then open. Go in and break into the safe there to find a file, which you then can give to K to continue the mission.

You're then given the task of hijacking Picus airwaves by hacking into an antenna. Look for a scissor lift in front of Autodily and put a Biocell into it to power it up. Take the lift to the roof of the building and hack the terminal at the base of the antenna to complete the mission.

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