Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide – The Golden Ticket

Here's how to stop the forging scheme and get through the police checkpoint.

Guide by Jeremy Signor, Tom Orry, .

In order to gain access to the district where Vaclav Kollar is, you'll have to make it through one of several blocked-off routes, with the most obvious one being the police checkpoint that sends you to a shady guy for extremely overpriced forged credentials. Here's how you get past the checkpoint and stop the forging ring in this guide to the Golden Ticket side mission in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided - The Golden Ticket Walkthrough

After speaking with the police officer at the blocked checkpoint, follow the waypoint to a man outside of the grounds of a toy company. Talk to him and learn where the forger is located. Then, enter the nearby arch and follow the path to the toy company building. You're going to be heading into a restricted area, so you should dispatch any guards you meet on the way. When you make it into the building proper, avoid the lasers and head upstairs. Hack the terminal there to deactivate the lasers and open the door to the forger's room. Talk to the forger and reassure her to get her to stop forging papers and tell you about the fake cop running the checkpoint. She'll also ask you to help her get two permits to two unfortunate souls and activate them.

Head out through the vent across from her desk and open the safe using the code she gave you. After you empty its contents, head back towards the checkpoint. Here you can either take the fake cops out yourselves or enlist the help of a more honest cop on the corner to the right from the checkpoint. The way is now clear.

If you want to help the forger further, you'll see two waypoints marking the two people you need to give passes to. The first one is located in the basement of the Vincent Van Aug gallery, while the second is in a convinience store. The latter will have a thug threatening him with a gun, so knock the thug out first. Once you've given out the passes, take the subway to Čistá Čtvrť (Cista Ctvrt) and head left towards the permit validation office. Take out the security and find the permit station. Hack the nearby security terminal to active it. Go over and use the station. You'll then be forced to make a choice on who you're able to validate, which will have consequences later.

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