Monster Hunter World Iceborne - Release Date, Trailer, New Monsters, Weapons - Everything we Know

Iceborne is the upcoming Monster Hunter World DLC expansion, and features a new region, new monsters, weapons, and more.

The Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World will be the first proper paid DLC for the huge game, and is set to release later this year. In this complete guide to everything we know about the expansion, you can find information on the Monster Hunter World Iceborne release date, the sole Monster Hunter World Iceborne trailer that we've seen so far, and more.

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Release Date

Capcom first revealed the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World in the livestream that you can see further down. This took place back on December 10, 2018, and Capcom chose to end the entire livestream on this bombshell note.

At the current time, the only release window we have for the Iceborne expansion is Autumn 2019. Theoretically, the Monster Hunter World expansion could release any time between September and November, but Capcom has promised more information about the expansion in early 2019.

As for what the price that the Iceborne expansion could retail for, it won’t be that of a full price game. You’ll need to already own Monster Hunter World to have access to the Iceborne expansion, and so it makes sense that it’ll cost less than the base game did at launch, since it’s an add on.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Trailer

Just below, you can see the full trailer for the Iceborne expansion, which was debuted during the Capcom livestream. In the trailer, we can see a Rathalos flying all the way from the Ancient Forest, across a body of water, to a new land.

It’s in this mysterious new land that the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World will take place. We don’t have any details on the land itself, but we know that it’ll feature both new and returning monsters alike, such as the Rathalos. We also know that Iceborne will feature an entirely original storyline for your characters to undertake.

There’ll also be brand new weapons and armor items in the Iceborne expansion, like you’d probably expect. It sure sounds like a pretty chilly climate where Iceborne takes place, but we’ll have to wait and hear for more details to find out for sure.

And as of right now, that’s it for all the news on the Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion. As we previously mentioned, there’ll be more details about the expansion early in 2019, and we’ll keep this page updated with all the new developments.

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