COD Blackout Perks List - All the Best Blackout Perks

COD Blackout Perks List - All the Best Blackout Perks

Here's our complete guide to all the Perks you can find in Black Ops 4's Blackout battle royale mode.

While you're obviously going to be going after weapons first in Black Ops 4's Blackout battle royale mode, don't completely forget about Perks. In our Black Ops 4 Blackout Perks guide, we'll be detailing everything you need to know about the way Perks function in the mode, including a list of the best Black Ops 4 Blackout Perks that you can find around the in-game map.

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Call of Duty Blackout Perks List

While out looting, you may come across special items that momentarily grant extra abilities. These are called perks, and should be picked up and used whenever possible. We’ve included all of the Call of Duty Blackout Perks in the following list.

  • Looter - reveals nearby items and caches. Duration: 120 seconds, uses: 3
  • This is incredibly useful to trigger early on, pointing you towards high level weapons and armor. Looter is best used in areas with a lot of buildings.

  • Awareness - This useful perk lets you hear enemy footsteps at a greater distance. Duration: 120 seconds, uses: 2
  • Awareness is one of the best perks in Blackout. It can seriously increase your game, as it allows you to hear enemies from really far away. It's particularly useful in the later stages in the game, allowing you to pinpoint the last few enemies on the map using sound alone.

  • Brawler - Increases melee damage. Gain 50 health per each successful melee attack. Duration: 240, uses: 1
  • Melee damage isn't a particular useful thing to focus on in Blackout, given that a quick spray with your weapon is much more effective. Brawler is definitely one of the lower ranked perks in Blackout.

  • Consumer - Reduces use time of health and consumable items by 50%. Duration: 300 seconds, uses: 1
  • Consumer is very good indeed, as it essentially lets you heal in the middle of a firefight. It is handy to have in the game's final moments, and could be the difference between a win and a loss.

  • Paranoia - Audio Cue when targeted by another player. Duration: 240 seconds, uses: 2
  • By the time you've heard the audio cue, and have subsequently tied that to the fact that you're being aimed at, your enemy will likely have taken the shot. there are very few situations where Paranoia would be useful, so best to swap it for something else.

  • Dead Silence - Move Quietly. Make less noise when opening stashes. Duration: 240 seconds, uses: 1
  • Being as quiet as possible is a key part of the battle royale genre. You'll want to stay hidden for as long as possible, and Dead Silence will help you do so.

  • Engineer - Reveals nearby vehicles and enemy equipment. Duration: 240 seconds, uses: 2
  • Unless you're specifically out looking for vehicles, and they're not particularly hard to find as it is, you'll probably not find Engineer all that useful.It can help if you're looking for a helicopter though.

  • Medic - Heal faster and revive faster. Healing items restore more health. Duration: 240 seconds. Uses: 2.
  • This one is essential if you're running in a squad. Being able to get your teammates back into the action as quickly as possible is vital, making Medic a really great perk.

  • Reinforced - Reduces damage from explosions and fire. Increased resistance to flashbang, concussion, and razor wire. Duration: 240 seconds, uses: 3
  • Explosives, razor wire and fire aren't all that common in Blackout, but it's always good to be safe. It's the increased resistance to flashbangs that most useful here.

  • Squad Link - See teammates through walls. Duration: 120 seconds, uses: 2
  • Being able to see teammates through walls really offers no tactical advantage. This is especially true if you're using voice chat.

  • Skulker - Move faster when prone/crouched. Duration: 180 seconds, uses: 3
  • Being able to move faster when crouched is a real winner, eapecially if you're moving away from the circle while out in the open. Moving faster when prone is a plus too.

  • Stimulant - Increase max HP by 100. 180 seconds, uses: 2
  • Stimulant is another one to keep an eye out for. Being able to increase your max health for three minutes could really make the difference in the late game, and could just give you an edge over your opponent.

  • Outlander - Decreased damage from the circle, speed increases when taking circle damage. Duration: 180 seconds, uses: 2
  • This is a very contextual perk, really only useful if you find yourself far away from the centre of the circle. It can save your life in a pinch though, so keep it handy if you think you might need it.

  • Iron Lungs - more time when ADS on sniper or diving underwater. Duration: 300 seconds, uses: 2
  • Having a little extra breath when aiming down sights with a sniper can be pretty great. It's not really a significant difference though, and snipers aren't all that common in the game.

  • Mobility - Move and swap weapons faster, take no fall damage. Fire weapons and equipment while sprinting. Move faster when reloading. Duration: 300 seconds, uses: 2
  • The mobility perk is a jack of all trades sort of thing, very useful for the movement speed increase and no fall damage. Definitely worth using at any point in the match.

What are Perks in Call of Duty Blackout?

While out looking, you’ll see little green boxes lying around. Pick these up, and you’ll find that they are consumable items that apply effects to your character. These are Perks, and can be used to gain certain advantages. They are limited use, and only last for a short duration. They can be found anywhere on the map, and are very useful indeed.

Black Ops 4 Blackout Best Perks

Given how valuable your inventory space is in Blackout, you'll want to prioritize which Perks you want to use. We've listed the best perks in Call of Duty Blackout below:

  • Awareness - Being able to hear players at greater distances is massively useful for obvious reasons. It makes the late game particularly useful, as you'll be able to pin someone down as soon as they move inside the circle.
  • Looter - This is a great Perk to use early on, allowing you to save a lot of time when scouring buildings for loot
  • Dead Silence - Being able to move around the map and open stashes silently is a real bonus, and can make the difference on whether you're able to get the jump on someone or not.
  • Consumer - This perk allows you to restore health very quickly indeed. You could even trigger it in the middle of a firefight - particularly useful in the late game.

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