Dawn of War 3 Resources - What They Are and How to Get Them

Dawn of War 3 Resources - What They Are and How to Get Them

You’ll need lots of resources to build up your army in Dawn of War 3, this Dawn of War 3 Resources guide will tell you what those resources are and how to get them.

“In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war” is a solid tag line for the Warhammer 40K franchise, but what they don’t tell you is that fighting a war is expensive. Purchasing units requires funds, upgrading those units takes resources, and constructing buildings to do either of those is also costly. Turns out, having a big economy is just as important as having a big gun, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This Dawn of War 3 Resources guide will take a closer look at the resources in Dawn of War 3, detailing what the resources are and how to get them, allowing you to build up a massive army with which to crush your enemies.

If you’ve stumbled on this page and already know all you need to know about resources in Dawn of War 3, hopefully we’ve got info you do need on our Dawn of War 3 Guide hub. Head over there to get plenty of other useful information on the game.

Dawn of War 3 Resources

Dawn of War 3 features three main types of resources:


  • Used to build infantry units, purchase vehicle upgrades, and to construct all buildings
  • Accumulate Requisition by building Requisition Generators on Resource Points


  • Used to build vehicles, purchase infantry upgrades, and to construct advanced buildings
  • Accumulate Power by building Power Generators on Resource Points

Elite Points

  • Used to deploy Elite Units and activate Super Abilities
  • Accumulated over time – 1 Elite Point is generated every 120 seconds
  • Building an Elite Point Generator on a specific Resource Point will reduce this to 1 Elite Point every 90 seconds
  • Can also be earned by destroying enemy Shield Generators and Turrets

Capturing Resource Points in Dawn of War 3

Resources in Dawn of War 3 are gained by owning Resource Points dotted around the map, and controlling them is a significant part of gameplay. Resource Points can be captured by moving one of your units into the Point’s capture radius, and holding it there until the Capture Timer is filled, changing the Point to your team’s colour. If an enemy unit is also within the capture radius the process will halt, so make sure to eliminate any foes.

Once captured, you can construct Resource Generators to start gaining resources – the captured Resource Point itself doesn’t generate any additional resources, and you’ll need to build Generators to gain anything. Your first Requisition Generator costs 20 Power, with the cost of each subsequent Generators increasing by 20%. The same principle applies to Power Generators – your first will cost 80 Requisition, increasing by 20% for each additional Generators. Building an Elite Points Generator will cost you 80 Requisition and 20 Power, increasing by 20% in cost for every Requisition and Power Generator you have already constructed.

Each Resource Point can build a limited number of Generators, indicated on the HUD’s mini-map – near each Point you’ll see 1-3 small coloured dots. The number of dots indicates the number of generators that can be built, with the colour indicating the type: yellow for Requisition, blue for Power, and purple for Elite Points.

In multiplayer matches, you can build Generators on Resource Points that have been captured by allies, with all players on a team gaining the benefits and additional resources.

Upgrading Resource Points in Dawn of War 3

After you build your first Generator on a Resource Point, you’ll have the option to upgrade it. Upgrading a Resource Point costs 250 Requisition and 50 Power, and increases the rate at which all Generators on that Point gather resources by 25%. In total, you can upgrade a Point three times, for a total increase of 75%.

Upgrading a Resource Point only increases the rate of Requisition and Power that is gathered, and does not affect the accumulation of Elite Points – a Resource Point which has only an Elite Point Generator cannot be upgraded.

You can also increase the defences of a captured Resource Point by building a Listening Post on it. Listening Posts are defensive structures which cost 200 Requisition, protecting Generators from damage and providing a small defensive turret to attack nearby enemies.

In multiplayer matches, you can Upgrade and build Listening Posts on Resource Points that have been captured by allies, with all players on a team gaining the benefits and additional resources.

Escalation in Dawn of War 3

In multiplayer matches, the Escalation Phase governs how much of your resources are refunded every time a unit dies, as well as the rate at which Generators gather resources. The Escalation Phase increases every 10 minutes, to a maximum of 4 Phases.

At the beginning of a match, Phase 1, units refund 25% of their resource cost when they die, decreasing in subsequent Phases to 0% in Phase 4.

Requisition and Power Generators increase the amount of Resources they gather by 50% for every successive Phase, to a maximum 150% increase in Phase 4.

For more Dawn of War help check out our guides to Doctrines, Combat, and Elites. With all that read you should be able to hold your own during Dawn of War 3’s battles.

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