Days Gone Horde Locations, Best Way to Take Down a Horde

Hordes are the toughest challenge that you’ll face in Days Gone. Here’s how to beat them.

Of all the things Days Gone is known for, the hordes are undoubtedly the most memorable. These hulking, daunting challenges start popping up later on in the game, and they’re no cake-walk. To help you take down the huge groups of Freakers you’re likely to come across in Days Gone, we’ve put together this Days Gone Hordes Guide. It will reveal all Days Gone Horde Locations, as well as provide some tips as to how to take them on.

Days Gone Horde Locations

There are close to 30 Hordes to take down in Days Gone, ranging in size and location. These locations are highlighted on your map after beating the game, and are essentially its endgame content. We’ve listed the locations below, along with some screens of where they appear on the map:

  • Bear Creek Hot Springs - this one is in a cave near Sarah's memorial stone
  • Patjens Lakes - Look for Hot Springs Camp in Belknap. There's a cave called Rebel Rock Cave to the north-west.
  • Lava Arch - you'll find a cave in the middle of Belknap here.
  • Marion Forks - head south from Marion Forks in Belknap.
  • Shadow Lake - Look for the Marion Forks Tunnel NERO Checkpoint. The cave is just to the north of this at the top of Shadown Lake.
  • Belknap Crater - Head North-west from Belknap Caves Ambush Camp.
  • White King Mine - This cave can be found inside the mine in the Cascades. It is to the north-west of the area.
  • Death Train - Head to Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint. There's a horde in the cave nearby.
  • Horse Lake - Head East from the Horse Lake Checkpoint
  • O’Leary Mountain - Remember the watchtower at the start of the game? Head there and then into the cave in the area.
  • Little Bear Lake - make your way to the Little Bear Lake NERO Checkpoint. From here, head down the slope and into the nearby cave.
  • Twin Craters - This one can be found in the south-eastern corner of the Belknap section of the map.
  • Cascade Highway - go to the Horse Creek Ambush Camp then to the mountain to the east.
  • Proxy Falls - heading south from the Horse Creek Ambush Camp, locate the stone bridge and cross it.
  • Metolius Lava Cave - this one can be found to the North of Iron Mike's Camp, at the very top of Lost Lake area.
  • Westfir - once you've unlocked Iron Mike's Camp, you can take on a horde on the other side of the lake.
  • Sawmill - You'll visit the sawmill as part of the story.
  • Wapinitia Road - fast travel to Berkley Lake Ambush Camp, head north.
  • Berley Lake - north-east of the Santiam Tunnel NERO Checkpoint.
  • Beaver Marsh Rest Stop - North-east of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway NERO Checkpoint
  • Mt. Scott - North of the ski-resort where you go to kill Taylor
  • Sagebrush Point - north-eastern part of highway 97
  • Beasley Lake - on the other side of the body of water near the last horde
  • Cascade Lakes Rail Line - north of Chemult.
  • Chemult Station - train carriages at the south of Chemult
  • Groose Gardens - Go to Chemult Community College. Now, head east towards the NERO site.
  • Rum Rye Gulch - South of Chemult Community College.
  • Juniper Ridge - head west from the previous Horde
  • Lobert Draw Ridge - fast travel to the Pillette Bridge NERO Checkpoint.
  • Friendship Ridge - West of the Bare Bay Ambush Camp

How to Take Down a Horde in Days Gone

Taking down a Horde in Days Gone can be extremely tricky, though there are some ways to get ahead. We’ve listed some Days Gone Horde Tips below:

  • Stock up on Napalm, ammo, medkits, and make sure your bike has at least one ammo bag on it.
  • Locate the horde, and park your bike nearby, this will allow you to restock ammo if you run out.
  • Take a look at the environment and note any explosive barrels and crates.
  • Many areas have clear paths which you can lead the Horde through.
  • Trigger the Horde by throwing a Napalm molotov into the center
  • Fire often, though make sure you are keeping your distance.
  • The key is to run the Horde through buildings, corridors, and tight spaces.
  • This will allow you to funnel them and make them easier to kill.
  • Keep throwing Napalm, and blow up explosives as the Horde passes them.
  • Make sure the special weapon you have is useful for taking down Hordes, we recommend an LMG.
  • Rinse and repeat until the Horde is killed.

How to Find Hordes in Days Gone

Each Horde will roam a certain area, though depending on the time of day, they will be found in different places. The main way to find them is to get up high and use your binoculars. At night, they will always be out in the open. During the day, it is possible that they are hibernating if there are any caves nearby. Take care when checking any caves.

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