Days Gone IPCA Tech Locations - How to Unlock the IPCA Stun Gun Secret Weapon

Days Gone has a secret weapon which is awarded at the end of the game. Here’s what you need to know.

Days Gone is a huge game, with up to 80 hours of freaker-slaying action to keep you busy. There’s even secrets to uncover after the credits roll, the most notable being the secret weapon unlocked at the end of Days Gone. To get it, you’ll need to collect 18 pieces of IPCA tech, which is no easy feat. To help you out, we’ve got all of the Days Gone IPCA Tech Locations. We’ll also tell you how to craft the IPCA Stun Gun, and what it is a reference to. Let’s take a look. Spoilers for the secret weapon in Days Gone follow.

Days Gone ICPA Tech Locations

Before you can craft the IPCA Stun Gun, you’ll need to collect 18 pieces of IPCA Tech. This is tricky to do, but all can be found on the bodies of white-suited Nero researchers near Checkpoints. Here’s where you’ll find them:

  • Little Bear Lake
  • Old Pioneer Cemetery
  • Iron Butte Pass
  • Horse Lake
  • Marion Forks
  • Bike Jump 1
  • Bike Jump 2
  • Bike Jump 3
  • Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp
  • Pilette Bridge
  • Chemult Community College
  • Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway
  • Santiam Tunnel
  • Old Sawmill
  • Bike Jump 4
  • Rogue Tunnel
  • Spruce Lake
  • Bike Jump 5

Days Gone Little Bear Lake IPCA Tech

The first piece of tech is found at Little Bear Lake. You’ll come across it during the mission where you get sterile bandages for Boozer.

Days Gone IPCA Tech at Bike Jump 4

This can be found to the West of Tucker’s Camp. You’ll see a big jump leading to a crashed helicopter. You’ll need to use your bike to jump it.

Days Gone Marion Forks Tunnel IPCA Tech

This piece of tech can be found at the Marion Forks Nero Checkpoint to the north of the map. You’ll need to look by the blue portaloos to get the tech.

Days Gone Horse Lake IPCA Tech

Head to the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint and look for a white-suited man near the middle of the train. He is surrounded by sandbags.

Days Gone Old Pioneer Cemetery IPCA Tech

Next it is off to the Old Pioneer Cemetery Nero Research point. You can find the IPCA Tech in one of the tents.

Days Gone Iron Butte Pass IPCA Tech

At the Iron Butte Pass Checkpoint, clear out the Rippers. Now, head to the tent at the location shown above.

Days Gone IPCA Tech at Bike Jump 1

This is the first of the bike jump locations in Days Gone. You’ll need to use your bike to make it across, you’ll find the scientist near the crashed chopper.

Days Gone Redwood RV Park IPCA Tech

For this piece of IPCA Tech, head to the Redwood RV Ambush Camp. This is another area where you’ll need your bike to jump across. The Tech is located in a tent area above the chopper..

Days Gone Rogue Tunnel IPCA Tech

This is another area where you’ll need to clear out the Rippers. Once you have, head to the tent near the entrance. It has ‘RIP’ written on it.

Days Gone Santiam Tunnel IPCA Tech

Fast Travel to the Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint. You’ll find the IPCA Tech behind the tent opposite the base.

Days Gone Old Sawmill IPCA Tech

The Old Sawmill has a horde in it so take caution. You’ll find the IPCA Tech behind the Nero Checkpoint.

Days Gone IPCA Bike Jump 3

This area can only be reached by using the nearby ramp. Ride your bike over the jump, and you’ll find the scientist laying near the chopper.

Days Gone Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway IPCA Tech

This piece of IPCA Tech is located at the Volcanic Legacy Nero Checkpoint. On your way in, you can see a spotlight down below to your right. It is pointed at a tunnel, which contains the body you’re looking for.

Days Gone Spruce Lake IPCA Tech

Fast Travel to the Spruce Lake Nero Checkpoint. You’re looking for a broken wooden gate, which leads around up to a hill. You’ll see the remnants of a beer pong game, with a scientist lying near it.

Days Gone Island Bike Jump IPCA Tech

To get this IPCA Tech, you’ll need to jump to the island between the two sides of the river. From the island, use another jump, or swim to get to the other side. There is a IPCA Tech piece near the Injector.

Days Gone Chemult Community College IPCA Tech

It’s off to the Chemult College Nero Checkpoint now, where you’ll want to look at the white warehouses on the eastern side. There’s a dead scientist in the southernmost one.

Days Gone Pillette Bridge IPCA Tech

Fast Travel to the Pillette Bridge Nero Checkpoint. When leaving the checkpoint building, head forward, and then up the ledge on the right.

Days Gone Wizard Island IPCA Tech

Finally, we have an IPCA Tech piece at the end of another bike jump. It will be easy to find, located to the left of the chopper.

How to Craft the IPCA Stun Gun Secret Weapon

Once you have all 18 pieces of IPCA Tech, you will need to have completed the game. After a while, O’Brian will contact you. A secret ending will play, after which he will give you the crafting recipe for the secret weapon. To craft it, head to the sidearm section of the survival wheel, you can hold R2 to craft it there.

Days Gone Syphon Filter Stun Gun

If you hadn’t worked it out already, the stun gun is a reference to the weapon used by Gabe Logan in the Syphon Filter series. It even has his initials on it, as you can see below. Sony Bend, the developer behind Days Gone, is also responsible for Siphon Filter, neat!

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