Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Hunts - Elite Hunts, All Hunt Locations

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Hunts - Elite Hunts, All Hunt Locations

Hunts are back in a big way in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and this guide will reveal all the hunt locations, as well as how to unlock elite hunts.

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age brings hunts back in a big way for the remaster, meaning that you will be able to go out and take down a strong enemy. Hunts are a great way to keep challenging yourself in the game, and are one of the best side-activities of any Final Fantasy standalone title. Be warned, though! You will need to fully prepare yourself if you want to take down this plethora of monsters. This Final Fantasy 12 Hunts guide will tell you all you need to know.

Final Fantasy 12 Hunts

To initiate a hunt, you will need to get information for a Hunt (also known as a Mark) through bulletin boards scattered throughout the world, then find a Petitioner in order to accept the hunt. If you do not officially accept a Hunt, then you will not gain the rewards if you have already defeated that Mark. After you've accepted the Hunt, you will then be given clues and hints as to where it is from the Petitioner.

After taking the Mark down after officially undertaking the Hunt, you will need to return to the petitioner in order to get your reward. These rewards can range from anything such like money, all the way to rare items, armor and powerful weapons, when you start to unlock the higher ranked Hunts. There are hundreds of hunts in the game, and all of them are a worthy challenge, and are also a nice distraction from the rest of the game, as long as you're fully equipped.

Final Fantasy 12 Hunt Locations

Here are the Final Fantasy 12 Hunt locations:

  • Rabanastre - Sandsea Tavern
  • Nalbina Fortress - Jajim Bazaar
  • Bhujerba - The Cloudborne Bar
  • Phon Coast - Hunters Camp
  • Achades - Granch's Requisites
  • Balfonheim Port - Whitecap Tavern

Final Fantasy 12 Hunt/Mark Levels

Marks also come in several levels, with the difficulty coming in different ranks. The game will not allow you to undertake a high-rank Hunt without a level prerequisite being met first. However, if you are having trouble levelling up to reach the higher level Hunts, then undertaking the current hunts is actually a great way of levelling up. These Hunts do have a cap however- but there is a level beyond standard hunts for those players looking for a more indepth challenge.

Final Fantasy 12 Elite Hunts

These difficult hunts are in a completely different category from other hunts, and you'll not be able to find them by speaking with Montblanc in Rabanastre, inside the Clan Centurio Headquarters. These hunts are only available after you become a member of Clan Centurio.

Effectively, Montblanc serves as a surrogate Bulletin Board, you will still need to visit the Petitioner to accept these hunts. You might not want to try these until very late in the game, as the Elite Hunts all have incredibly high stats, and are a huge challenge. They're pretty much like a parallel to the optional bosses such as Emerald Weapon in Final Fantasy 7.

If you need help with anything else related to Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, then consult our other guides on how to earn Gil quickly, or how to find the best Zodiac Jobs for each character.

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