Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Battle System Guide

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Battle System Guide

Struggling to get your head around the battle system of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age? Then let us guide you through it with this helpful breakdown.

Feeling lost in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age's battle system? Don't worry, we're here to help you out with figuring out the ins and outs to this complex JRPGs battle system, which is a huge change from previous entries, which used a traditonal active-time battle system. This Final Fantasy 12 Battle System guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the battle system that Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age uses, teaching you all the tricks you need to know to overcome any opponent.

Final Fantasy 12 Battle System

Final Fantasy 12 uses something called 'Active Dimension Battle' - A system which was created to imitate the way that Online Games work. But there's something much deeper at work than simply trying to imitate the way that online games work.


There's a lot to look at when getting into a battle in Final Fantasy 12, you are able to take full control of where your character is, with the D-Pad used exclusively for selecting things on the menu. One of the biggest changes in this new version of the game is that you have to select specific Jobs for your party, meaning that you'll quickly have to settle on which characters that you want to level up in specific roles through the license board. For more information on Jobs and the License board, you will want to head over to our Jobs Guide.

However, the general principle of rounding out a party will probably be the best piece of advice we can give you regarding battles in general. You will manage to do a lot more with a well rounded party with a variety of skills.


Aside from that, the game gives you an additional level of depth through the usage of a unique mechanic named Gambits. Final Fantasy 12's Gambits will effectively program your party into doing what you tell them to. We would recommend unlocking as many Gambits and Gambit Skills as you can early on, as setting up good Gambits will be a lot more helpful in the long-run than almost anything else in the game. Usage of skills such as Libra and setting up checks that your party is in good health is one of the most important things you can do in the game, and worth the time investment that you will put into selecting your gambits.


Quickenings are Final Fantasy 12's version of Limit Breaks, you will be able to execute them through the usage of a special bar, and are able to chain and combo attacks into one another, culminating in a huge amount of damage on those enemies. Again, you might have to unlock these quickenings to fully utilise what they can do, but are well worth it, as the damage you deal is simply too high to ignore. Chaining together these quickenings in a special chain will result in a concurrence, which will also deal further damage.


Espers are the hallmark Final Fantasy Summons of the game. Espers draw from the same Mist Gauge as Quickenings, but are much more difficult to find, as you have to first defeat them, then activate an Espers license in order to summon them and have them fight for you. These Espers are again segmented into levels (like Quickenings) and the stronger they are, the more damage they will do fo ryou and your party. It should be noted that an Esper Summons can last for upto around 5 minutes (if you're not using high-speed mode), but their effects are devastating, and incredibly useful in battle.

High-Speed Mode

High Speed Mode is a brand-new addition to Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age. What this will effectively do is exactly what it says. At the touch of L1 you will be able to speed up the game 2X or 4X. So as long as you have your gambits and own actions in order, you should be able to easily capitalise on combat. Again, you must be careful with this, as you can easily be overwhelmed if there is a crack in your own performance or in Gambits.

We have a wealth of other guides on Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age here at USgamer, including guides on understanding the Gambit system, as well as our guide on the Licensing Boards.

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