Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Gambit - What to Unlock First

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Gambit - What to Unlock First

Here's how to unlock Gambits in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age.

Final Fantasy 12's Gambits are a pivotal part of the battle system. You will effectively be programming your party members and telling them what to do. You will be able to take any member of your party and create a list of commands and situations where they can change up their strategies. This is mainly done with 'if' Functions- this might sounds a little bit confusing, but once you learn how to use Final Fantasy 12's Gambit system, you will soon be able to take down almost anything in your path with some awesome strategies. This Final Fantasy 12 Gambit guide will tell you all you need to know.

Final Fantasy 12 Gambits

Gambits are unlocked fairly early on in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, with you being able to gain two Gambits in the early stages, with the ability to unlock more in License Boards. There are a limited number of Gambits you can use, and they all run in on one another. This effectively means that the first Gambit in your run will always be that character's first action, if all of the conditions are met. If not, then the Gambit system will then draw from a player's second Gambit slot.

If you're facing a tough boss, then you will also be able to activate and deactivate certain Gambits mid-battle, which would be a great strategy change for anyone looking to quickly react to a rough enemy's attacks. This works well for a balanced party dynamic, with varying jobs that all fulfill a role. For example, you don't want your healer to be using to many physical attacks late on in a tough battle, you'll be able to turn off their offensive Gambits and then switch to simply focusing on healing the party.

This can get pretty convoluted, but we do have recommendations for Gambits that you want to unlock as soon as possible, as they will make your life much easier. These can be purchased from License Boards and are some of the best Gambits to use early on in the game, depending on which job you have selected.

Best Final Fantasy 12 Gambits to Unlock First

  • Foe: Flying (Targeting Specific Enemies)
  • Foe: Undead (Targeting Specific Enemies)
  • Self (For Libra Usage)
  • Foe: More than or Equal to 2 (Crowd Control VS Enemies
  • Ally: Status = KO (Revival)
  • Ally: HP + 60% (Healing)

These simple Gambit tips will help you start to cultivate more powerful ones as you go through the game. We would recommend that you create bespoke Gambits for each area that you encounter, as you will need to switch up your strategy pretty regularly due to differences in enemies and types, hence why we're recommending that you get the Gambits that focus on different types of enemies and the Libra to identify their weaknesses as quickly as possible. This is also useful for characters who might have an innate ability, so be sure to equip Gambits and customise them often to adjust to your surroundings.

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