Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Gil - How to Earn Gil Quickly, Gil Farming Guide

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Gil - How to Earn Gil Quickly, Gil Farming Guide

Gil, the currency of Final Fantasy 12, can be somewhat difficult to acquire when starting out, but we've put together this guide to make sure you're rich in no time.

After playing Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age for a while, you will come to know how hard it is to come by Gil for items and gear for your party, especially if you're attempting to use all 6 party members in different roles. This can get really expensive pretty early on, but luckily we've come up with a handy Final Fantasy 12 Gil farming guide.

Final Fantasy 12 How to Earn Gil Quickly

First of all, you might be at different points in the game, but these methods should be able to see you through almost any point in the game, whether you're just starting out or looking to purchase loot from a certain expensive Bazaar.

Golmore Gil Farming

Early on in the game, you will be able to gain access to the Golmore Jungle, wherein we would recommend farming against the Panthers that you can find in the area. Thanks to the new addition of high-speed mode, you should set up all of your Gambits and be on your way.

Each pelt from these Panthers can be sold for 500 Gil, with up to 12 Panthers roaming the area at one time. You should make pretty short work of the Panthers, so in order to respawn them, you will need to head over to the Ozmone Plains (which is a pretty short distance) in order to get them to pop up again. Do this several times and you should have enough Gil for anything you want early on.

Steal Using Thief's Cuffs

Steal is a great skill to use to, well... steal items off of enemies. The trick to really utilising Steal to its highest potential is to seek out a chest in the Mosphoran Highwaste, near a Save Crystal. There, you will be able to find Thief's Cuffs. Equip these to a character of choice and you will soon be stealing rare loot off of enemies.

Again if you set an efficient Gambit with Thief's Cuffs next to some enemies, you will be able to steal almost anything, even rare items and armor, which is very useful if you're looking to equip Genji Gear from Gilgamesh to equip on your Bushido. Whether you're looking for items or Gil, just sell your wares at a merchant to reap the rewards that you sow.

King Bomb Farming

Once you're levelled to around the mid 30s, you will be able to take on the King Bomb, who you can find in Nabradia. A craftsmoogle will warn you that the path will be full of Bomb, and you'll eventually run into the King Bomb himself. Make sure you go into the battle with Steal, as you will be taking as many Bomb Shells as you can, which you can sell over in Rabanastre for 25,000 Gil!

Dustia Destruction

Once you've got a decent amount of money from one of the other methods, you will be able to use a pretty famous Final Fantasy 12 farming method known as Dustia Farming. Dustias can be found in the Corridor of Sand in the Westersand, but will only appear if one of your party members is at below 10% of their max HP. Only then will Dustia immediately appear and cast dark.

If you're fast enough, you'll be able to instantly kill Dustia by using a Phoenix Down on it, killing the monster instantly. Rinse and repeat this method, where you will be able to easily slay the Dustia at the little cost of a Phoenix Down. The Dustia Should then drop the Book of Orgain, which you can sell for a pretty penny. This is also an excellent way of earning EXP and earning money at the same time!

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