Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations - All Prepper Stashes in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations - All Prepper Stashes in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is a big game full of things to do. In this guide we'll detail how to recruit the dog, bear, and cat, how to earn money quickly, the best perks in Far Cry 5, Prepper Stash Locations, helicopters and planes, and how to fish. Also how to play Far Cry 5 Coop with friends, crafting, and weapon upgrades.

Far Cry 5 has a lot of things to find and collect. Some of the most useful things to track down and find are Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash locations. In this guide to Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations we'll explain what kind of rewards you'll get for finding Prepper Stashes, plus detail how to find them in the huge Far Cry 5 map.

If you're looking for info on Far Cry 5 that isn't Prepper Stash related you might want to head over to our Far Cry 5 guide hub. It's full of useful info, including how to liberate cult outposts.

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations and Solutions

Prepper Stashes in Far Cry 5 are some of the most valuable things to find in the game. Each Prepper Stash will take a bit of finding, with every one presenting a mini quest of sorts. Once you've found the location of a Prepper Stash you'll often need to figure out how to gain access to it, but once you're in you can earn lots of cash, vehicles, perk points and more. Below we'll detail how to find all the Prepper Stash locations we've found so far in Far Cry 5.

We've split the Prepper Stash Locations between Jacob's region of Whitetail Mountains, Faith's region of Henbane River, and John's region of Holland Valley. Check out our full guides below to ensure you find all of these lucrative locations in Far Cry 5, and click our handy links to jump straight to the prepper stash guide you're looking for.

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Location in Dutch's Region of Dutch's Island

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations in Jacob's region of Whitetail Mountains

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations in Faith's region of Henbane River

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations in John's region of Holland Valley

It's worth noting that there isn't a 'take all' option when you get to a Prepper Stash. Considering each pile of money must be grabbed, it's worth double checking you've got everything before you leave the area.

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Location in Dutch's Region of Dutch's Island

There's only one Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5 opening area of Dutch's Island. The Sunken Funds Prepper Stash is pretty easy to find, but if you moved away from the location it's found east of Widow's Creek and west of Peaches Taxidermy.

Head to the boathouse and swim under and inside. Once you've climbed up you'll find a key. Grab this, but then turn on the power. Now head to the marker to to find the bunker door in the ground. You can open this with the key from the boathouse, but the bunker is flooded.

To the left of the shed is a yellow valve. Turn this and you'll drain the water and be able to gain access to the bunker. Smash through the wood blocking the door and you'll find a room full of loot, including a safe full of cash.

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations in Jacob's region of Whitetail Mountains

Cliffhanger Prepper Stash Location

Head northwest of Clagett Bay in Jacob's region to the location shown on the map. You'll find a crashed truck and a dead man next to a briefcase. There's a stash on the back of the truck, but you can't get into it.

To get the key for the stash you'll need to head up the waterfall and find the key at the very top. Grab it, then return to the locked box to claim your rewards, including a bunch of perk points.

Gone Squatchin’ Prepper Stash Location

You can start this Prepper Stash outside Dansky Cabin, west of Clagett Bay and north west of Langford Lake. Read the note outside the building to begin the Gone Squatchin’ Prepper Stash.

Turn right, and you’ll have a long hike ahead of you to find the note on the ledge left by Dansky. You’ll now need to turn around, and follow the path, bloodstains, and climbing ropes all the way up the mountain, until you’re eventually looking down on Dansky’s corpse.

Grapple down, grab the keycard, and head all the way back to Dansky’s Cabin, where you can unlock the front door and claim the loot, all of which includes upwards of $2,000, three Perk Magazines, and a map that points out fishing spots for Chinook Salmon.

The Holdouts Prepper Stash

You can start the Holdouts Prepper Stash at the Elliot Residence, which is directly south of the FANG Center, or directly west of the Baron Lumber Mill.

Head round to the back of the house, and hop up onto the lower roof, heading through the smashed window, and heading all the way to the bathroom, where you can jump out onto the roof. Now turn right, and you’ll find that you can hop through another smashed window, letting you back into the house.

Head downstairs and grab the keycard by the corpse, and backtrack out of the house completely, and go to the shed near where you entered the house. Shoot the lock on the hatch, and descend underground to where you can use the keycard to open the door and claim the reward of $2,000 and three Perk Magazines.

Hangar Pains Prepper Stash

You can start the Hangar Pains Prepper Stash directly to the north of the FANG Center, or you can head west from Fort Drubman/Lake Wishbone to find the airstrip.

Unfortunately the only way we’ve found of completing this Prepper Stash is to obtain a helicopter through a helipad on the map, and fly it until you’re on top of the hangar, allowing you to drop down into the hangar itself.

Once you’re on the inside, grab all three Perk Magazines, and hit the switch to raise the hangar doors, successfully completing the Prepper Stash.

Unwelcome Guest Prepper Stash

To start the Unwelcome Quest Prepper Stash, you’ll want to make your way to Dave’s Cabin, located to the very far west of Langford Lake, basically at the edge of the entire map of Far Cry 5.

Head to the search area, and you generally want to follow the area round to the left, until you find a few blood stains ahead of you, leading to a large cave entrance.

Kill the bear inside the cave, grab the keycard from next to the corpse, and you can head back to the cabin to claim the reward of $2,000 and three Perk Magazines.

Salvage Rites Prepper Stash Location

This Prepper Stash can be found just east of Clagett Bay, not too far from Dutch’s Island where you began Far Cry 5.

Once you’ve kicked off the Salvage Rites Prepper Stash, dive into the water and swim down to the wrecked plane. You’ll want to head for the farthest flare (the one next to the plane part), and rummage around for the key.

Once you have the key, simply return to shore and unlock the green crate to retrieve the money and three Perk Magazines.

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations in Faith's region of Henbane River

Animal Control Prepper Stash Location

Head north of the Peaches Taxidermy to the location shown on the map above. Just down the road from the group of cultists is a single dead man with a note. Read the note and you'll progress the quest and be directed into the cave back up the hill slightly.

Once inside the cave you'll want to take down any wolves you come across but then climb up using your grapple. Eventually you'll reach what looks like a dead end, but jump off the cliff and into the water below. Then climb once more and you'll reach more cultists.

Take these out and then climb up to the helicopter to get the Prepper Stash rewards. If you're feeling brave you can then jump in the helicopter and fly up, then out of the cave!

Dead Man's Treasure Prepper Stash Location

To get this Prepper Stash mission started you'll need to head to a cabin between Rock Bass Lake and Angel's Peak. Take out the cult members and then read the note to get details on a cave behind the waterfall. Go round the back of the cabin and there's a way in underneath.

Head inside to grab the yellow wheel and then head out and towards the waterfall. Place the wheel on the marker and then turn it to stop the waterfall.

Grapple down the waterfall rockface and you'll see a cave. Jump off here and then head inside. Follow the path and you'll reach the Dead Man's Treasure Prepper Stash.

Pooper Scooper Prepper Stash Location

Head to a house southwest of Drubman Marina and northwest of Peaches Taxidermy. Take out the cultists and then read the note. You'll be told about a key that was fed to one of the dogs in the main building.

You'll have to get inside the building, but the doors are locked. To the side is a boarded up window that you can smash. Do this and then head inside. Now I think you probably know what needs to be done. Search in all the dog poo in the building until you find the key. What fun! Once you've found it, head out and look in Cabin 2 up the road and you'll find the Prepper Stash.

Overwatch Prepper Stash Location

Head to the east of the Peaches Taxidermy. At the map location above you'll find a guarded lookout. Stealthily take out the cult members, then climb the ladder to find the Prepper Stash note in the upper room. The note will tell you about a camp on top of Raptor Peak. Track the Prepper Stash mission and follow the marker.

Follow the patch up Raptor Peak mountain until you have to start climbing. Use your grapple to keep moving higher towards the marker. You'll need to do a lot of grappling to reach the top, and when you seem stuck at the top of a rope you'll need to swing over to the next area and continue. Eventually you'll reach a cave in the mountain.

You'll need to walk across two rather perilously placed tree trunks, but make it across and there is another grapple point. At the top you're finally in the area you'll find the Prepper Stash, but it isn't easy to get your hand on as Faith spawns animals to attack you and there is a large group of killer eagles trying to kill you.

Take them out and you'll be able to wander around the mountain top to find the Prepper Stash next to a tent.

The Angel's Grave Prepper Stash Location

Head to the location on the map above, found between the Moonflower Trailer Park and Clutch Nixon. There's a cult member in the area just below who you might want to take out, but then climb the steps to reach the Prepper Stash note. The note tells of an opening at the top of the hill that can be used to access a prepper stash. Track the mission and follow the marker by grappling up the cliff face.

You'll reach a drop that leads to Serpent's Cave. Climb down and venture forwards. You'll reach a cavern flooded with toxic water. Be careful not to get into this as it will hurt you. Use the blue ropes to grapple across until you reach the stash.

Getaway Prepper Stash Location

Head to the gas station east of Hope County Jail. It's heavily guarded so you'll have a bit of a fight on your hands to clear it, and Faith may well spawn more enemies for you to tackle, too. Once it's clear, head inside the garage and read the note. You'll be told that there is a stash in the car parked behind the locked door. You need to find the key.

Head to the back of the gas station and smash through the blocked door. Then use the access panel on the far wall. This will open the garage door and release the car, allowing you entry. Move through and over the crates until you reach the toilet, where you'll find the keycard you require.

Now use this on the locked door inside the garage and you'll gain access to the prepper stash.

Side Effects Prepper Stash Location

Head to Bright Warden Radon Spa, east of Hope County Jail, as seen in the map above. Read the note and learn about the stash hidden in the radon health mine. Power will need to be restored.

Make your way through the caves until you reach a generator room. Pull the switch and this will open the previously locked door. Head all the way back and then go into the door to get the prepper stash loot.

Be careful down here as there are loads of zombie-like enemies that will be brought to life while you're exploring.

O’Hara’s Haunted House Prepper Stash Location

Head to O'Hara's Haunted House, someway west of Hope County Jail. It's over the long bridge, and watch out for cult members and any animals Faith spawns in to attack you.

The prepper stash note tells of treats left at the top of the haunted house, but you'll have to make your way through to get to them. Track the mission and then head to the back of the adjacent house. Jump onto the crates then onto the roof, which will give you access to the platform on the side of the house you can use to gain access. Pull the switch and you'll unlock the door to the haunted house.

The haunted house is a bit spooky and features numerous jump scares, but nothing will hurt you. Make it through then jump up to the top floor via the hay. Once up there you'll be able to grab the loot from the prepper stash.

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations in John's region of Holland Valley

Deep Dive Prepper Stash Location

Head directly west of Rye & Aviation, and you’ll find a small house guarded by several cult members and one Cult VIP Member. The box with the info on the Prepper Stash can be found in the kitchen, and the Prepper’s Note will direct you to the backyard of the house, where you’ll find a locked shed.

Interact with the note on the shed, and then turn to your left to see a hatch on the ground. Open the hatch, and drop down until you find yourself underwater in a bunker. Swim to the end of the bunker, grab the keycard on the desk, and return to the surface.

Now use the keycard to get inside the shed, and turn to the left to see a yellow switch that you can flick on the wall, to drain the underground bunker. Head back down through the hatch, and you’ll now be able to shoot your way through the wooden planks at the end of the bunker. You’ll be rewarded with three Perk Magazines which each reward one Perk Point, upwards of $2,000, and plenty of ammo.

DIY and DOA Prepper Stash Location

For this Prepper Stash, you’ll need to journey north and slightly east from the Lamb of God Church, and as you can see from the map location of the Prepper Stash, you’ll have a fair way to drive before you come to the house surrounded by dead NPCs.

Head to the shed in the backyard, and you can find the note beginning the DIY and DOA Prepper Stash mission on the side of the shed. Now head inside the house and to the back room, where you can collect the key for the shed on the dresser.

Use the key to get inside the shed, then open the hatch and drop down to the bunker. Head through the door with the Doverspike Note next to it, and follow the room round to the left, before turning right at a fork in the path, where you’ll find a yellow switch that’ll let you turn the power back on.

Head back to the entrance of the bunker, and you’ll find that all manner of traps begin to fall on you from above. Sprint back to the entrance of the bunker, except now you’ll be able to head through the previously locked door on your right to claim your loot. This includes over $2,000, three Perk Magazines, and four scoped rifles, excellent for pinpointing and taking out targets from a distance.

Fire in the Hole Prepper Stash Location

To begin this Prepper Stash, you’ll need to head to a small house south of Orville Creek, which itself is in the very bottom south east corner of Holland Valley. The note that kicks off the Prepper Stash can be found outside of the house itself on a rock, which points you inside the building.

Head to the back corner of the building, where you’ll find a hole that’ll let you drop down into the mine. Now continue ahead until you need to destroy a barrier to proceed, and turn right, following the path until you come to a turning off left where you’ll find a hostile cult member.

Take them out and press on, until you have to pass through another wooden barrier and take down several more cultists. Press on straight ahead, and you’ll eventually come to more wooden barriers that you’ll need to break through, before you arrive in a massive clearing with a chasm in the middle.

Destroy the rocks that are blocking the flow of water to your left, and the water level will rise, letting you swim across to the other side of the chasm, and kill the cult member if you haven’t done so already. Continue up the path near the back of the area, and you’ll eventually arrive at the stash, which reward you with over $2,000, three Perk Magazines, and one Combat Satchel Upgrade.

Foxhole Prepper Stash Location

This Prepper Stash can be found directly east of the Lamb of God Church, just outside a burned out house on the side of a road. Take out all the cultists, and interact with the note to begin the Foxhole Prepper Stash mission.

Head inside the house through the window, turn to your left, and navigate your way around the house using derelict remains, until you find yourself facing down the hatch leading to the bunker.

Simply drop down through the hatch, and the stash is yours to claim, including well over $2,000, three Perk Magazines, and a scoped rifle.

Man Cave Prepper Stash Location

To begin the Man Cave Prepper Stash mission, you’ll need to follow the road leading east of out Fall’s End, and find the note on the pile of crates just outside of the small building.

Head round the fence with the barbed wire, until you find a truck nearby. Back the truck up so it’s against the fence, then use the truck to scale the fence and the barbed wire, so you’re now within the compound.

Shoot the lock to unlock the gate, and back the truck up once again so that it attaches to the trailer. Now move both out of the small compound, and you can open the hatch and drop down underground.

Now head up the ladder in front of you, and you’ll find yourself in the garage with all your loot, including over $2,000, three Perk Magazines, and the 2012 Kimberlite truck.

Playing With Fire Prepper Stash Location

The Playing with Fire Prepper Stash can be located either directly west of Fall’s End, or directly east of the Lamb of God Church. You’ll find a few cultists at the location, so take them out and read the note inside the bus to begin the Prepper Stash mission.

Now head down to the lake, where you’ll encounter a wolf and a few more cultists. Kill them all and head inside the pipe, going all the way till you exit at the other end, where you’ll encounter even more cultists.

Search the body near the lake to find a key, and then head back inside the pipe, this time taking the turning off to the left. Now you’ll be able to unlock the gate and claim the stash for yourself, which includes $2,000, three Perk Magazines, plenty of Molotovs, and some arrows.

Swingers Prepper Stash Location

Head south east from Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, and you can find the starting point for the Swinger’s Prepper Stash just to the side of the road on a table, right before the bridge.

Use the zipline in front of you to get on to the scaffolding, and then turn to your right to see a grappling point. You now have to make your way across the bridge using the various grappling points, which you can jump between while you’re in the air.

After merely a few successive swings on the grappling hook, you’ll come to the wooden platform that contains the stash. These include $2,000, three Perk Magazines, a bow, and a ton of throwing knives.

Vespiary Prepper Stash Location

This Prepper Stash is in the middle of nowhere, so try heading either north east from Fall’s End, east from the Green-Busch Fertiziler Co. Cult Outpost, or south and slightly east from Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.

Once you’ve begun the Vespiary Prepper Stash, climb onto the animal cage and jump onto the nearby roof, and use a melee weapon to break through the wooden beams. Follow the path round to the left, and sneak slowly past the bees nest to avoid disturbing them.

Now climb onto the desk, and you’ll fall through the floor afterwards. Turn around and climb onto the crate with the cables hanging off of it, and proceed forwards until you find yourself needing to smash through more wooden boards.

Head to the back of the area, and use the platforms to scale your way to the very top of the tower, where the rewards of $2,000, three Perk Magazines, and a load of throwing knives.

We might be all wrapped up with our guide to all the Prepper Stashes in Far Cry 5, but make sure to continue ahead to our Far Cry 5 Cheeseburger guide, or our guide on how to rescue Boomer the Dog.

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