Far Cry 5 Weapons - Far Cry 5 Weapon Upgrades and Explosive Upgrades - How to Unlock Sticky Bombs and Prestige Weapons - How to get 4th Weapon Slot

Far Cry 5 Weapons - Far Cry 5 Weapon Upgrades and Explosive Upgrades - How to Unlock Sticky Bombs and Prestige Weapons - How to get 4th Weapon Slot

Far Cry 5 is a big game full of things to do. In this guide we'll detail how to recruit the dog, bear, and cat, how to earn money quickly, the best perks in Far Cry 5, Prepper Stash Locations, helicopters and planes, and how to fish. Also how to play Far Cry 5 Coop with friends, crafting, and weapon upgrades.

While Far Cry 5 doesn't do a great job of telling you about it, there is a weapon upgrade system and a string of explosive upgrades you can buy. In this guide to weapon upgrades in Far Cry 5 we'll detail the upgrades you can buy for your weapons and explain how to upgrade to and use sticky explosives. We've also got all the info on Far Cry 5 Prestige weapons and how to buy them, plus how to unlock more weapon slots (including how to get that 4th slot that requires you take out one of Far Cry 5's lieutenants).

For more help with Far Cry 5, head over to our Far Cry 5 guide hub. It's got loads of Far Cry 5 hints and tips, including how to take down cult outposts and liberate civilians.

Far Cry 5 Weapons - How to Upgrade Weapons in Far Cry 5

In Far Cry 5 you'll pick up weapons as you play through the campaign, but it's not immediately obvious that you can upgrade them. When you find a seller in Far Cry 5 you're able to access a weapons and upgrades menu, from which you can either buy new weapons you don't already own or buy upgrades to weapons you do own.

To buy a weapon upgrade the weapon first has to be in a weapon slot (adding more slots is detailed below), and then you must have enough money to buy the upgrade. Upgrades are split between cosmetic decals and actual performance upgrades, which can impact the stats for Accuracy, Damage, Range, Rate of Fire, and Handling. Suppressors can reduce noise and magazines can increase the number of rounds in your firearm. Exactly which upgrades you wish to buy will depend on how you want each weapon to perform.

Far Cry 5 Prestige Weapons and Skins - How Much do They Cost?

Far Cry 5 has a set of elite Prestige weapons, although they don't appear to be any different to standard weapons apart from their weapon skin. We've detailed the prestige weapons in Far Cry 5 just below, but you can also buy prestige skins for most standard weapons in the game - again only giving a cosmetic change.

Prestige Shovel - Optimism - $3,600 or 200 Silver Bars

Prestige Rifle - SA50 "Free State" - $7,200 or 400 Silver Bars

Prestige Shotgun - M-79 "Shark Shooter" - $9,000 or 500 Silver Bars

Prestige Machine Gun - AR-C "Stars 'N Stripes" - $9,000 or 500 Silver Bars

Prestige Sidearm - 1911 Extended "Golden Aerie" - $7,200 or 400 Silver Bars

How to Unlock More Weapon Slots in Far Cry 5 - Defeat a Lieutenant to get 4th Weapon Slot

By default in Far Cry 5 your character only has two weapon slots, but this can be upgraded to three and then four slots. To do this you'll need to use perk points to buy the Additional Holster and Weapons Collector perks from the Prepper section of the Perks tab. These will cost you 8 and 9 Perk Points respectively.

Rather annoyingly, to be able to purchase the Weapons Collector perk you'll first have to have defeated one of the Far Cry 5 Lieutenants. The lieutenants in Far Cry 5 are Jacob, Faith, and John. To reach them you'll need to fill your Resistance Points meter in their region. If you want to get that 4th weapon slot as quickly as possible, we recommend you focus on one region at a time, taking on as many missions as possible and taking out cult members and property whenever you see them.

How to use Special Ammo in Far Cry 5 and Switch Firing Types

Many of the weapons in Far Cry 5 have multiple fire modes. To choose the mode of fire for your weapon, highlight the weapon in the weapon wheel, then press the button next to the vertical bullets.

To use special ammo, such as armor piercing ammo or explosive arrows, first you need to get them (found or bought from a seller), then it's a case of choosing it from the weapon wheel. Highlight the weapon of your choice, then press the button that is next to the horizontal ammo and you'll see the ammo type being cycled through.

How to Unlock and use Sticky Explosives in Far Cry 5

By default the explosives in Far Cry 5 are not sticky, but it's possible to upgrade them to sticky and then choose the type you want from the weapons wheel. Find a seller or shop and go to the Items menu. From you you should see an explosive upgrades section. Purchase each of these (at the prices listed below) and you'll be able to use sticky explosives.

  • Sticky Dynamite - $1,000
  • Sticky Grenade - $1,000
  • Sticky Remote and Proximity Explosive - $1,000

To access a sticky explosive, browse to the explosive you want in the weapon wheel, then press the on-screen toggle button to switch between standard or sticky. Simple! Now you can lob remote explosives on to cars or ATVs and send them careering into strongholds. Boom!

That's all we've got on weapons and weapon upgrades in Far Cry 5. Head elsewhere for info on how to recruit boomer the dog, and how to find all the Prepper Stash locations in Far Cry 5.

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