Far Cry 5 Vehicles - Where to Find a Helicopter and Plane, How to Purchase a Car and Boat

Far Cry 5 is a big game full of things to do. In this guide we'll detail how to recruit the dog, bear, and cat, how to earn money quickly, the best perks in Far Cry 5, Prepper Stash Locations, helicopters and planes, and how to fish. Also how to play Far Cry 5 Coop with friends, crafting, and weapon upgrades.

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Vehicles have always made up a huge part of the Far Cry series, and that’s no different in Far Cry 5, whether you’re using vehicles to explore the land, or run over cultist members throughout Montana. In this Far Cry 5 vehicles guide, we’ll be running over how to unlock helicopters and planes, as well as several easy methods you can use to get your hands on some unique vehicles for free.

If you need anything else on Far Cry 5, including how to get to grips with the combat and exploration mechanics of the game, as well as a guide on all the companions available like Boomer the dog and Cheeseburger the bear, make sure to head over to our Far Cry 5 guides hub.

Far Cry 5 Vehicles Guide

You’re going to need a vehicle in Far Cry 5, whether you want to cover the massive map of the game fairly quickly, or whether you want to use the machine guns or rockets of a helicopter to clear out a cultist outpost without much hassle. To obtain a vehicle in Far Cry 5, you’ll need to visit the corresponding marker on the map for the vehicle that you want to purchase.

For example, if you head to a green boat marker on the map you’ll be able to purchase boats, helicopters can be purchased from the helicopter marker, and cars and trucks can be purchased from the green car marker on the map of Far Cry 5. Once you’ve reached your designated marker (which you’ll need to uncover for yourself in the world), you’ll need to interact with the yellow key locker to place an order for your desired vehicle, which will be delivered straight away.

Vehicles aren’t cheap in Far Cry 5 however, and you’ll need to save up your dollars if you want to purchase a helicopter of a boat with a machine gun turret, all of which can cost upwards of $3,000. For some helpful pointers on how to earn money quickly, head over to our Far Cry 5 Prepper Stashes guide.

Once you’ve purchased the vehicle from the shop, it’s yours for the rest of your time in Far Cry 5. If you want to respawn your previously purchased vehicle, then you’ll need to head to the corresponding marker on the map, access the yellow key locker, choose the vehicle you want, then see it spawn in right next to you.

How to Unlock Helicopters and Planes in Far Cry 5

Aerial vehicles are some of the most powerful on offer in Far Cry 5, bringing machine guns, rockets, and more to bear on your opponents below. Unfortunately Far Cry 5 makes helipads and plane hangars scarce in the game, which means you’re going to have to root around in the wilderness if you want to find either of these points. It also appears that your ability to purchase planes are locked behind completing the Hangar Pains Prepper Stash, so head over to our Far Cry 5 Prepper Stashes guide for a complete walkthrough of how to complete the treasure hunt. While you can find planes around the game world, you'll have to complete this Prepper Stash mission in order to unlock a shot at which you can buy or spawn in a plane.

As for helicopters in Far Cry 5, you can find the green helicopter shop markers in either Drubman Marina on the eastern edges of Far Cry 5’s map, at Hilgard Electrical Power Station which lies just north of Fall’s End and east of the Lamb of God Church, and finally to the very west of Clagett Bay. It’s a fair journey to reach any of these helipads from your starting point on Dutch’s Island, and even once you’re there you’ll need to have amassed at least $2,000 in order to purchase the most basic helicopter, which unfortunately doesn’t come with offensive weapons like machine guns and rockets.

If you choose to liberate Drubman Marina, you’ll unlock Adelaide Drubman as a Gun for Hire, who can be summoned at will to fight alongside you in Far Cry 5. However one of the benefits with Adelaide as a companion is that she’ll always arrive in a helicopter when summoned, unlike other companions who will just appear alongside you. This means she can provide devastating aerial support from above, and you can also hop in the helicopter with her and get her to give you a quick lift anywhere on the map.

This might be the end of our complete vehicles guide for Far Cry 5, but head on over to our Far Cry 5 Guns for Hire guide for a complete breakdown of all the unlockable companions in the game, or our Far Cry 5 Perks guide, for a list of all the best abilities to unlock first.

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  • Avatar for chriskennedy28 #1 chriskennedy28 5 months ago
    For the Lansdowne Airstrip prepper stash, climb the radio tower nearby with the grapple hook and wingsuit+parachute to the hangar roof.
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    great guide, other then the fact you do not give a location on Linda Stout!
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    For “Hangar Pains” there is another way to get on top the hangar. It requires the grappling hook and the wing suit.

    Climb the radio tower near the hangar. When you get to the top it gives you just enough room to sprint and jump towards the hangar. Immediately open the wing suit (L3 on PS4 by default) and glide over. Honestly, it might be easier to just get a helicopter. It is a fun little challenge though. And if you’re already in that area and don’t want to go get a helicopter and come back it’s another option.
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    Thank you very much for your straight-forward guide. I probably spent 3-4 hours looking for the silo @ Holland Valley Station - yours is the only guide that had a decent map AND good description of where to go. You allowed me to complete the quest finally! Thanks so much.
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    You can find the Arctic Grayling Salmon (Hard) right above Rattlesnake Trail Bridge. It's in Jacob's Region north of the Grand View Hotel. I don't know if this fish is on the fishing record. I just didn't think I saw it on the list. Maybe someone might need it lol, maybe not!Edited April 2018 by jbrad
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    There are 10 Cheeseburger bobble heads. You claim there are only 8, and then only give 7 locations.
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