Best Price PS4 - How to get the Cheapest PS4 Console

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The PS4 is by far the leading console of this generation, offering the widest choice of games to play and usually letting you play them with better visuals compared to the Xbox One versions. This guide to getting the best price PS4 will ensure that if you’re looking to buy one you’ll get the cheapest PS4 on the market.

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Best Price PS4 - How to get the Cheapest PS4

Keep reading down and you’ll find all the best prices for the PS4 console in the US and the UK.

Here we have the current best price PS4 console available now in the US or the UK.

Best PS4 Console Deals in the UK:

Best PS4 Console Deals in the US:

To make the most of your new PS4 you’re going to want to find the cheapest PS Plus membership available now. We’ve got the best prices on PS Plus in the US and the UK right here.

In the UK:

In the US:

With PlayStation Plus you get access to online gaming and are given a selection of games to play each month. These games include titles for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

Why Should you buy a PS4

The PS4 is Sony’s primary current-gen console (the PS4 Pro is for a smaller, hardcore userbase) and as such will see support for many years to come. We’ve detailed the main reasons why the PS4 is a great console to buy in the list below.

  • Price - Four years into the PS4’s life, the console has now reached a mainstream friendly price point. The best deals offer the PS4 and some games for around £200.
  • Form Factor - With the PS4 Slim now on the market, late adopters to the system get the benefit of a sleeker model that will fit nicely in your entertainment unit.
  • Power - If you take the expensive PS4 Pro and Xbox One X out of the equation, the PS4 is the most powerful games console. This means you’ll get the best versions of all games that are available on multiple consoles.
  • Best Exclusives - This one is a little debatable, but the general thought is that the PS4 has the best exclusive games. Sony invests a lot of money into first-party game development, and this results in plenty of games that you can only get for the PS4.
  • Controller Doesn’t Take Batteries - This might seem minor, but the PS4’s DualShock 4 has a built in rechargeable battery. The Xbox One controller requires you buy a charge kit or use your own batteries.
  • PS Plus Gives You Free Games - Become a PlayStation Plus Member (find the cheapest PlayStation Plus prices) and you’ll get a handful of new games to play each month as part of the service. That’s pretty cool.

Best Games to buy With Your PS4

If you’re new to the world of PS4 you’re going to want to get the best prices on the PS4 games you must own. Check out our guides to buying cheap PS4 games so you can start building a brilliant library of PS4 games.

PS4 Game Deals in the US:

PS4 Game Deals in the UK:

Those are some pretty compelling reasons to buy a PS4. With the knowledge you’ve found the PS4 at the cheapest price available you can now buy in confidence. If you’re after other video game deals, check out our other guides just below.

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