Pokemon Quest Bingo Bonus - What are Bingo Bonuses and How to Get Them

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Nintendo recently revealed a brand new Pokemon game called Pokemon Quest. There’s a lot to digest initially with pokemon stats tucked away in menus, and presented without context. In this Pokemon Quest Bingo Bonus Guide, we’ll explain one of the hidden stats, covering what bingo bonuses in Pokemon Quest, how to get new ones, and some examples of common bingo bonuses.

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What are Bingo Bonuses

Bingo Bonuses are extra stat buffs which are applied to each pokemon in your team. They range from damage increases, move regeneration and health boosts to resistances to specific effects. The game doesn’t do a particularly great job at explaining Bingo Bonus, but they basically play out like so.

As you level up your pokemon, you’ll unlock more slots for power stones. Eventually, as your pokemon gets stronger, you’ll end up with three power stone slots, arranged in one row. Filling three power slots in any given row will grant you a Bingo Bonus. There’s no way to tell which one you’ll get, as they are assigned randomly to your pokemon. You can check which Bingo Bonuses are active by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon in the Power Stone slot menu.

How to Get More Bingo Bonuses in Pokemon Quest

The only way to get more Bingo Bonuses in Pokemon Quest is to earn more Power Stones. You’ll earn Power Stones naturally while you play, as they are often rewards for finishing an Expedition. Keep in mind that you only have 20 slots for Power Stones at the start of the game, and will have to spend PM tickets to unlock more.

A great way to earn more Power Stones is to take advantage of the Expedition Bonus feature in Pokemon Quest. You may have noticed a gauge in the top left of the Expedition menu which fills up as you play. You’re probably wondering what Expedition Bonus does in Pokemon Quest. Well, it basically fills up after each successful Expedition. After you complete 12 of them, you’ll be granted a bonus for your next Expedition. Playing with the Expedition Bonus active increases the chances of getting rare items and Power Stones, so use them to fill your pokemon’s slots, and get some Strong Bingo Bonuses.

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