Pokemon Quest Shiny Pokemon - How to Get Shiny Pokemon

Evolving Pokemon in Pokemon Quest, cooking recipes, best Pokemon in Pokemon Quest, and more.

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When luring pokemon to your Base Camp with recipes in Pokemon Quest, there's a small chance that it might be shiny. Shiny pokemon are pretty common in Pokemon Quest, but you might still struggle to get hold of the ones you want. In this Pokemon Quest Shiny Pokemon Guide, we've got all the info you need to know about how shinies work in Pokemon Quest, as well as a Pokemon Quest Shiny List of all the shinies we've encountered so far.

We’ve been busy gathering details on Pokemon Quest, and have collected them in our Pokemon Quest guides hub. You’ll find beginner’s tips and tricks, info on how to teach pokemon new moves in Pokemon Quest, as well as details on which ingredients to use to make every recipe in the game.

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Quest

Shiny Pokemon a bit of a mystery in Pokemon Quest at present. In other games, shiny pokemon are incredibly hard to come by, but in Pokemon Quest they seem to be fairly commonplace. Pokemon Quest Shiny odds are definitely high, though we’ve yet to find any consistent trends on obtaining them. To get shiny pokemon in Pokemon Quest, you’ll first have to befriend some pokemon. Catching pokemon works differently in Pokemon Quest as it does in other games in the series. Instead of throwing Poke Balls to catch pokemon in the wild, you need to lure pokemon to your Base Camp instead.

How to Lure Shiny Pokemon to your Base Camp in Pokemon Quest

A pokemon will arrive at your Base Camp every 22 hours automatically, but to get more, and to therefore increase your chances of getting a shiny pokemon, you’ll need to lure pokemon in with food. You can head over to our Pokemon Quest Recipes Guide for full details on each type of dish and what pokemon it attracts, but in general, you just need to add ingredients into the pot at Base Camp, then wait for it to cook. After it’s finished, a pokemon will appear and will be added to your team. You have a random chance of it being shiny, but it’s fairly common so just make sure you are always cooking something and consistently luring in pokemon.

Shiny Onix in Pokemon Quest

Shiny Pokemon are different in appearance to their non-shiny counterparts, but everything else seems to be identical. For example, Shiny Growlithe in Pokemon Quest has a gold coloring, but still possesses the same fire atacks and stats. Moves, stats and evolutions are all the same so for now it seems to just be a palette swap. So far we’ve encountered shiny forms for Machop, Geodude, Onix, Bellsprout, Growlithe, Doduo and Goldeen, so it might be possible that every pokemon has a shiny version.

We’ll update you with more details on whether or not every pokemon in Pokemon Quest has a shiny counterpart, but for now, that’s everything we know so far about how to get shiny pokemon in Pokemon Quest. For all the details on how to learn new moves in Pokemon Quest, head over to our Pokemon Quest Move Learning Guide. We’ve also got tips on how to evolve pokemon in Pokemon Quest in our Pokemon Quest Evolution Guide.

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