Gears 5 Voice Actors - The Full Gears 5 Voice Cast

Gears 5 Voice Actors - The Full Gears 5 Voice Cast

Here's the full list of voice actors for everyone in Gears 5.

Gears 5 is out in just a few short days, but we already know the full cast of characters that'll be appearing in the sequel. In this Gears 5 voice actors guide, we'll be going over the relatively small list of actors in Microsoft's game, including some names you'll no doubt recognise.

Gears 5 Voice Cast

In the sections of the guide below, we'll be outlining all the Gears 5 voice actors. There's plenty of returning characters for this sequel, including Marcus Fenix, Kait, Del, and others.

  • Laura Bailey as Kait Diaz
  • Liam McIntyre as J.D. Fenix
  • Eugene Byrd as Del Walker
  • John DiMaggio as Marcus Fenix
  • Rahul Kohli as Fahz Chutani
  • Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor

Laura Bailey - Kait Diaz

For Gears 5, Kait Diaz takes over from J.D. Fenix as the single player protagonist for the game. Laura Bailey plays the leading role of Kait, and you'll know Bailey from hundreds of games or TV series', including Spider-Man as M.J., Uncharted 4 as Nadine Ross, Black Widow in the Avengers Assemble TV series, and as Amber in RWBY.

Liam McIntyre - J.D. Fenix

While J.D. Fenix was the playable campaign protagonist in Gears of War 4, he plays a supporting character to Kait in Gears 5. Liam McIntyre plays the son of Marcus Fenix, and you'll likely recognise him from either Spartacus, or The Flash.

Eugene Byrd - Del Walker

Returning character Del Walker is back from his series debut alongside Kait and J.D. in Gears of War 4. Longtime TV actor Eugene Byrd plays Walker, and his previous credits include Arrow, Bones, Heroes, True Blood, and more.

John DiMaggio - Marcus Fenix

Longtime Marcus Fenix actor John DiMaggio returns once again for Gears 5, his fifth appearance as the former protagonist of the series. A little known fact is DiMaggio also played the role of Bender in Futurama for 14 years. He's also voiced characters in American Dad, Lego Star Wars, Adventure Time, and many more.

Rahul Kohli - Fahz Chutani

Fahz Chutani is a newcomer to the franchise in Gears 5, and he's played by Rahul Kohli. You might recognise Kohli from iZombie where he plays Ravi Chakrabarti.

Linda Hamilton - Sarah Connor

Yes, that is actually Linda Hamilton you're hearing in Gears 5. As part of a crossover with Terminator: Dark Fate, Hamilton will be reprising her role as Sarah Connor for the sequel. Note that this is the version of Sarah Connor that appears in the new Terminator: Dark Fate movie, and Connor is only available as a playable character in Horde, Escape, and Versus modes.

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