Cuphead Tips and Tricks Guide - How to Equip Items, Boss Walkthrough Guides

Cuphead Tips and Tricks Guide - How to Equip Items, Boss Walkthrough Guides

Cuphead is bringing all the weird and wacky aspects of 1930's cartoons back to your screen, with a helping of deviously difficult combat.

Cuphead is now out worldwide for both the Xbox One and PC, and it's got a myriad of boss battles and tricky systems to understand straight off the bat. We've put together this Cuphead guide to help you through the game, which turns out to be quite a bit more difficult than almost anybody anticipated. Read on for info on the store, upgrades, perks, and the Playing Card special move system.

If you're wondering what Cuphead is, then check out the trailer just below. It's an homage to 1930's-era cartoons, with an insane amount of detail going on at once in virtually every frame of the game. It's a difficult game for sure, and your reactions will need to be lightning quick if you want to hope to make it through any of the complex boss battles found within each world.

Just below, you'll find all our Cuphead boss guides, including bosses in world one of Cuphead, as well as every boss we've overcome to far in the second world of the game.

Cuphead Tips and Tricks Guide

Before we get to the actual boss battles littered throughout the game, we'll run down some essential Cuphead tips and tricks for you, as there's a surprising amount that Cuphead throws at you straight out of the gate, and it doesn't stop to explain aspects like the shop, where you can purchase upgrades for the titular Cuphead himself.

Firstly, as soon as you're in the world of Cuphead, you'll find that you have to beat levels to unlock additional parts of the Cuphead world. There are many different world within Cuphead, each containing their own boss battles and mysteries for you to uncover. Simply head into the 'Run N Gun' challenge level, and test your mettle against the very first level in the game (don't be shocked if it's difficult, we took at least ten tries to complete it).

Cuphead is comprised of three worlds, and a 'finale' world, all of which are filled with a certain amount of boss battles and ordinary 'Run N Gun' levels. You'll have to complete every boss level in a world in order to advance to the next world, and you can see your progress in every world by going on the List option after pressing Y, and coming to the screen just below:

In some cases, beating Run N Gun levels will open up additional parts of the world that were previously inaccessible to you, so if you find yourself unable to reach any more boss battle stages in a world, make sure to go back and beat any additional levels you've missed.

Cuphead Co-Op Gameplay

If you're looking to play Cuphead co-op online, then we have some bad news for you. Unfortunately, Cuphead can only be played through couch co-op, so you'll need to get one of your friends to play as Mugman on a second Xbox One controller.

Cuphead’s Store, Upgrades and Perks

One thing that Cuphead never explains to you is that there's a store waiting for you as soon as you enter the very first world in the game. All the gold coins that you earn in each Cuphead level go towards your total coins, which can then all be spent on upgrades and perks within the store run by Pork Rinds, who you can see below.

The store in Cuphead, run by Pork Rinds.

You can choose from a variety of upgrades in the store using your gold coins, including items that can increase the amount of lives that Cuphead has, or give him the ability to become invulnerable to damage while you perform a dash. In the first few hours of Cuphead, we'd recommend going with the upgrade that increases your lives, and you should probably save the other, more technical upgrades for later on.

Once you've purchased an upgrade, back out of the store, and press Y on the controller to head to the perks menu of Cuphead. Here, you can equip new abilities in the Shot-A, Shot-B, Super, and Charm category, as well as seeing a list of the progress you've made so far in Cuphead using the List option.

This upgrades menu is an essential part of Cuphead, and if you're ever stuck on a boss battle, it could be worth exiting and equipping a different perk or ability, to see if this changes up the way you play or handle the boss.

Cuphead’s Playing Card Special Move

There's actually quite a powerful mechanic in the Cuphead boss fights, that the game never actually explains to you. If you look in the bottom left corner of the screen during a boss fight, you'll see a playing card slowly emerge from the bottom of the screen, every time you damage a boss. You can have a maximum of five of these playing cards stored up through inflicting damage, and you can spend a playing card by pressing B to launch a missile. Alternatively, if you press B with all five cards stored, you'll turn Cuphead himself into a bomb, able to detonate on the first enemy that he touches.

Cuphead Mausoleum Puzzle Levels

In every world of Cuphead that you come across, there'll always be at least one Mausoleum level. These unique levels aren't actually about avoiding the enemies at all - instead, you'll have to try and Parry them by jumping on them and then pressing A, in order to banish them. The aim of the game here is to stop the ghosts from making it to the urn in the middle of the room, and if you're successful in this, then you'll be granted a brand new Super Ability by the individual hiding inside the urn. These Mausoleum levels don't usually last for more than 50 seconds, so you don't have to fend all the ghosts off for too long.

This is everything we have to impart on Cuphead as of right now, although once we've delved deeper into worlds that are currently beyond our reach, you can be sure we'll update this Cuphead guide with additional tips and tricks to help you beat the Devil.

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