Cuphead World One Boss Battles Guide - Root Pack, Ribby & Croaks Walkthrough

Cuphead World One Boss Battles Guide - Root Pack, Ribby & Croaks Walkthrough

Cuphead is bringing all the weird and wacky aspects of 1930's cartoons back to your screen, with a helping of deviously difficult combat.

There are a whole host of different bosses found within the strange and colorful world of Cuphead, and each of which is tough as nails. In this Cuphead world 1 boss guide, we'll be walking you through exactly how to beat the opening two bosses in the very first world in the game, these being the Root Pack and Ribby and Croaks bosses.

Should you instead need anything else to do with the weird and wonderful world of Cuphead, including how to advance into additional worlds, as well as how to upgrade Cuphead himself, then be sure to check out our Cuphead guides walkthrough hub.

Cuphead Boss Battles Guide - World 1

There are a total of five bosses for you to conquer in the initial world of Cuphead, although don't get fooled into thinking the bosses will start out easy and get harder from there, as the opening Root Pack boss fight turns out to be one hell of a challenge. We'll run down how to beat the opening two bosses in the first world of Cuphead.

Don't forget to equip different items if you're struggling with a boss.

Cuphead Root Pack Boss Guide - World 1

The trio of vegetables don't take too kindly to Cuphead stepping into their garden, and they'll each try to send you packing, in the order of the potato, the onion, and finally the carrot. The trio definitely get harder as the fight goes on, but don't worry, the game won't make you face off against all of them at once.

With the opening fight against the potato, it's very much a case of simply standing back, repeatedly shooting at him, and jumping over every projectile he sends at you. The boss will send projectiles in streams of four, always ending with the bright pink worm, so you know when you get to stop dodging and lay into him with the Peashooter.

The onion is up next, and this stage again shouldn't prove too challenging. All you have to do is stand to one side of the Root Pack boss and repeatedly shoot it, while dodging all the drops of water that rain down from the sky. This doesn't last for too long, and we've found that less drops of water fall on the right side of the boss, so make sure to stand there.

Finally, the carrot makes an appearance, and is significantly harder than the previous two stages. In the fight with the carrot section of the Root Pack boss, you'll have to dodge projectiles coming at you from all angles. Firstly, the boss will send carrots flying at you from either corner of the screen, so either dodge or shoot these to take them down. Next, the carrot will send mind rays at you, and in this bit we'd recommend sticking to the middle of the arena and dodging from side to side, instead of waiting in a corner.

At any chance you get, aim up towards the carrot and repeatedly shoot it with your Peashooter, but don't get greedy, as it's easy to get hit by projectiles if you stay still for too long. Once the carrot is down, the Root Pack boss is defeated, and you've claimed victory over the first Cuphead boss.

Cuphead Ribby and Croaks Boss Guide - World 1

The Ribby and Croaks boss combo in Cuphead is a particularly tough fight, since you're dealing with two enemies instead of the standard one. Not that they both attack you at once, mind you, but the pair still put up one of the more difficult fights in the opening world of Cuphead.

In the first stage of the Ribby and Croaks boss battle, you'll need to destroy the flaming projectiles that one toad launches at you from above, and dodge the horizontal projectiles that another one throws your way. For the former, you'll need to hold down the right shoulder button to aim without moving, and destroy all the flaming projectiles before the other toad starts attacking you. For the horizontal projectiles, let the higher ones simply sail over your head, make sure to duck under the middle ones, and hop quickly over the lower projectiles as soon as you see them incoming.

When the green toad lowers his body, get ready to jump and dash over him as he rolls towards you. Now, you'll be tasked with dodging projectiles while being blown to the left by the red toad. You'll want to stay right in the middle of the arena while waiting to dodge the projectiles, and then move a little to the left once they've rebounded off of the floor, and you'll almost always dodge them with this tactic.

In the climactic stage of the Ribby and Croaks boss fight, you'll have to dodge the coins being flung at you, before jumping at the glowing lever, and pressing A to parry it while you're next to it. This will start the slot machine spinning, and one of three types of challenges will come forth from the machine for you.

If you get the green symbol, then all you have to do is make sure to stay on top of the platforms as they go past, making sure Cuphead doesn't fall in the gaps in between them. They speed up as they go along however, so make sure to be on your toes here. If you get the orange symbol, then head to the left edge of the screen, and be prepared to jump underneath the orange balls once they've been fired into the air by the moving platforms. This is by no means an easy challenge, but you can make it easier on yourself by hanging back and letting the platforms come towards you.

Finally, if you get the red symbols, you'll have to either crouch underneath the platforms if they're shooting blue flames upwards, or jump over them if they're shooting downwards. You can tell as soon as they come out of the machine which way they're pointing, so make sure to stay around the middle of the arena and keep your eye on the mouth of the machine. After you've hit the glowing level three times and taken on three platform challenges, you're past the Ribby and Croaks boss duo.

That's all for the opening two bosses in the first world of Cuphead, but if you're after even more challenges, continue on to our Goopy Le Grande, Hilde Berg, and Cagney Carnation boss guide.

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