Cuphead World One Boss Battles Guide - Cagney Carnation, Goopy Le Grande, Hilde Berg Walkthrough

Cuphead World One Boss Battles Guide - Cagney Carnation, Goopy Le Grande, Hilde Berg Walkthrough

Cuphead is bringing all the weird and wacky aspects of 1930's cartoons back to your screen, with a helping of deviously difficult combat.

In this Cuphead world one boss guide, we'll be running through all of the bosses that Cuphead can encounter in the later stages of the first world. You won't be able to go to these bosses from the off, and you'll need to have beaten all of the previous bosses to get to Cagney Carnation, Goopy Le Grande, and Hilde Berg.

Should you instead need anything else to do with the weird and wonderful world of Cuphead, including how to advance into additional worlds, as well as how to upgrade Cuphead himself, then be sure to check out our Cuphead guides walkthrough hub.

Cuphead Boss Guides - World 1

The latter few Cuphead bosses of the first world prove significantly more challenging than the first two, and you'll have to get in a plane and take to the skies for the final boss. In this guide, we'll be running through how to beat the Cagney Carnation, Goopy Le Grande, and Hilde Berg bosses.

Don't forget to equip different items if you're struggling with a boss.

Cuphead Cagney Carnation Boss Guide - World 1

There are plenty of different stages to the Cagney Carnation boss battle, and it's one hell of a difficult, rapid fight. You mainly need to know what to look out for at any given time in this Cuphead boss battle, and we'll walk you through each of them. Firstly, the move the boss usually starts out with is to rain down drops of water from the sky, and you shouldn't have to move around a great deal to avoid these.

The Cagney Carnation boss will occasionally shoot out a group of three pips in this early stage, but you can actually jump over them in one go, provided you don't jump too early and time it just right. The boss can also send out a boomerang towards you, which is easy enough to avoid, but bear in mind that if you're on the top floor of the arena, it'll circle back round underneath the platforms, and vice versa.

You'll also need to be on the lookout for any additional plants that spawn into the arena at this point with the Cagney Carnation boss. We'd recommend dropping down to the lower level and taking out these plants as soon as possible, as they can make life particularly difficult if you leave them unhindered for long enough.

In the final stage of the fight, the boss will spawn roots along the bottom floor, so make sure you're on top of the platforms if you ever see Cagney Carnation dig down towards the ground. At this point, two platforms at once will be overcome by roots, so you want to be constantly on the lookout for any roots that reach up towards the platforms, as well as the petals that Cagney Carnation shoots out in groups of two towards you.

You'll need to have your eyes in two places at once here: on the ground below to see where the roots reach up to, and on the mouth of the boss to see when the petals have been sent out. Cagney Carnation isn't a pushover by any means, and it probably ranks as one of the more difficult bosses in Cuphead.

Cuphead Goopy Le Grande Boss Guide - World 1

The fourth boss fight of the first world of Cuphead sees you going up against the Goopy Le Grande boss, a bouncing blue orb that packs a surprisingly hefty punch. At the start of the fight, stick to the middle of the arena and dash under Goopy Le Grande whenever he goes to bounce over you. Don't get drawn into the edges of the arena at all in this boss fight, as it's easy for the boss to corner you.

Once you've dealt out enough damage to the Goopy Le Grande boss, it'll transform into a larger blue orb, that still has the ability to bounce and punch you. Again, make sure to stick to the middle of the boss arena, and you can actually duck underneath the punch of the boss in this stage, no matter how close you are to it. This phase can be tricky, as Goopy Le Grande can change the height of his bounce, but if you stay close to the boss and don't back off into the corner, you should be fine.

In the final stage of the Goopy Le Grande boss fight, the boss will get crushed by a giant tombstone, and you'll have to dodge this as it tries to crush poor Cuphead. In this final phase, aim sideways and upwards at the boss using the right shoulder button, and make sure to dash out of the way whenever Goopy Le Grande comes to a stop, as this means it's about to smash down on Cuphead. This final stage isn't too challenging, but it can be difficult to find the time to aim at the boss while standing completely still.

Cuphead Hilde Berg Boss Guide - World 1

In what might well be your final boss fight of the first world of Cuphead, the Hilde Berg boss introduces you to the mechanics of flying in Cuphead, pitting our titular hero in a plane and challenge you to dodge all manner of attacks. This boss can change forms on a whim, so be on your guard for multiple attacks at once.

One of the first things to note is that the Hilde Berg boss can summon planes to fire shots at you throughout the battle. Although annoying, these purple and green planes are fairly easy to detroy, and will only fire once at you before backing out of the fight, meaning their main aim is to restrict your movements through their missiles.

Firstly, watch out for Hilde Berg's dash attack in the first phase, which she will pull off usually around the middle of the screen. Once she's dashed out of the left side of the screen, make sure to stay near either the top or bottom of the screen, as she can damage you when the returns to the battle from the left end of the stage.

Hilde will then transform into a flying, raging bull, and in this phase she'll use a jab attack against Cuphead. Here, you generally want to keep moving vertically, but if you see the boss stop at any point while moving, make sure to move out of the way, as she's about to execute her horizontal jab attack in your direction.

In the next stage of the Hilde Berg boss fight, the boss can transform into either a cupid firing arrows and homing missiles at you, or two bosses that summon a spinning wheel firing at you. If it transforms into the former cupid, makes sure to keep moving around, as the arrow can be fairly easily dodged, but you'll have to detroy the homing missiles before they give up on pursuing you. If she changes into the latter form, position yourself around the left edge of the screen, roughly halfway up, and get ready to move in the direction that the wheel is spinning in, staying out of its firing line.

Finally, the boss will transform into a moon, firing stars and summoning UFOs at you. The stars are fairly easy to dodge, but bear in mind they don't home towards you and can't be destroyed, while you'll have to dodge the UFOs beams shooting down at you from above. We'd recommend waiting near the left edge of the screen, and dashing forwards with Y whenever a UFO stops firing its tractor beam. Don't get too close to Hilde Berg herself however, as she can still pull off a jab attack that reaches roughly halfway across the screen. Once you're through this moon stage, you're finally done with this challenging boss.

If you need more Cuphead boss guides, then you're in luck, for we've got Cuphead world 2 boss guides, including the introductory Djimmi the Great.

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