Cuphead World Two Boss Battles Guide - Djimmi the Great, Baroness Von Bon Bon Walkthrough

Cuphead World Two Boss Battles Guide - Djimmi the Great, Baroness Von Bon Bon Walkthrough

Cuphead is bringing all the weird and wacky aspects of 1930's cartoons back to your screen, with a helping of deviously difficult combat.

In this Cuphead boss guide, we'll be running down every boss we've overcome so far in world two of the difficult, but stylish game. Take note that while the bosses in the introductory world were by no means a pushover to begin with, the bosses in Cuphead world two only increase the difficulty, to our horror.

Should you instead need anything else to do with the weird and wonderful world of Cuphead, including how to advance into additional worlds, as well as how to upgrade Cuphead himself, then be sure to check out our Cuphead guides walkthrough hub.

Cuphead Boss Guides - World 2

If you thought the bosses in world one of Cuphead were difficult, then you're in for a real treat in world two. Starting out with Djimmi the Great, we'll also have guides on Baroness Von Bon Bon and Carnival Kerfuffle, as well as any other bosses in world two that we eventually make it to.

Don't forget to equip different items if you're struggling with a boss.

Cuphead Djimmi the Great Boss Guide - World 2

Well, isn't this a nice boss to start out world two with. Cuphead's Djimmi the Great boss fight is likely the first you'll undertake in world two of the game, so we thought we'd tackle this flying boss first. That's right, you're back in the skies just like you were for the Hilde Burg fight, so be prepared to utilise the super bomb power whenever you can.

In the first section, Djimmi the Great will fire a ton of projectiles from his chest (not a literal chest, a physical chest with treasure) towards our Cuphead. In this bit, make sure to utilise the dash ability on the Y button, as it's basically the only way you can squeeze past any of the projectiles without taking damage.

After this first section, the Djimmi the Great boss will disappear, and you'll have to navigate an obstacle course in Cuphead's plane. You'll want to hang back in roughly the middle of the screen, and move using the dash ability the second you see a section of the post with faces on, as this is the one you can destroy with the Peashooter. You'll also need to use the dash ability to move out of the way of the spinning blades, but you can fairly easily guess which path they'll be taking in their areas.

Once you're through the part with the posts, Djimmi the Great will summon a puppet, as well as his turban which can shoot projectiles at Cuphead. There's no way to destroy the turban, so make sure to simply avoid its attacks, and focus on shooting at the puppet. You will have presumably saved up some rocket attacks by now, so make sure to use them in this section by pressing B, to get rid of the puppet as quickly as possible.

Now, you're into the final part of the Djimmi the Great boss fight. In this part, you need to keep going round the arena in line with the floating pyramids, making sure not to get too close to them. Djimmi will occasionally fire out purple beams at Cuphead, but if you're continually travelling around in a circle with the pyramids, you should be able to avoid this. Make sure to unleash any rockets you've got stored up with B, and this final stage should be over before too long.

Cuphead Baroness Von Bon Bon Boss Guide - World 2

In this extremely stylistic boss fight, Cuphead has to take down Baroness Von Bon Bon in the Sugarland Shimmy battle. This battle truly tests your ability to move in close quarters as Cuphead, and so we'd recommend going with the Smoke Bomb Charm from Porkrind's Emporium, if you havent' equipped it already.

In this fight, you'll be faced with three of four possible minions, before fighting Baroness Von Bon Bon herself. As such, we'll run down each minion just below, but bear in mind that after you've taken down the first enemy, a small secondary enemy will occasionally run across the screen from right to left, and you'll have to either jump over this enemy, or crouch down to take them out.

  • The clown - This enemy isn't too complex, and you can avoid it entirely by dashing whenever it's up in their air, and then firing on it when it lands on the floor. Make sure to stand well back from it though, as the clown does have an attack that spreads from its hands while on the floor.
  • The candy machine - The candy machine spouts candy up into the air, but we've found that standing at the left edge of the arena will cause most of the candy to miss you, and in this position you won't have to worry about dodging the machine himself. Simply stand back, dodge the candy, and lay down fire on the machine.
  • The waffle - This one is a bit tricky, as you'll effectively have to time you attacks so that the waffle releases its directional attacks as far away from you as possible. We'd recommend moving in the opposite direction to this minion, staying well away from it, and only lay down fire on it when you have a clear opportunity to.
  • The pac-man knockoff - A larger, chomping orb will be following everywhere it goes by a smaller orb, and you'll have to continually avoid both of them if you're going to survive. You need to continually dash over and under the big orb, making sure to time it perfectly so you don't get hit by the smaller orb after you've dashed. This is where the Smoke Bomb Charm comes in handy, as it allows you to dash through the minion and not get harmed by them while doing so.

After you've taken down three of the above minions, Baroness Von Bon Bon herself will step into the fray, atop her giant sentient castle. In this stage, you want to aim for the Baroness herself, but you'll be hard pressed for time, as she launches her own head at you as a homing missile, as well as sending a rolling wheel after you. Bear in mind that you can Parry off the wheel by pressing A after you've jumped onto it, so don't be afraid to use this to skip over the wheel and bypass it entirely.

If you can keep this up, dodging the head of Baroness Von Bon Bon, while dodging the wheel, while also shooting at her atop the castle, then you'll be just fine.

As we previously mentioned in this Cuphead boss guide, we'll be continuing to update this guide whenever we best another boss in the second world of Cuphead.

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