Metal Gear Solid 5 - Blueprint Location Guide - All Blueprint Unlocks

Metal Gear Solid 5 - Blueprint Location Guide - All Blueprint Unlocks

Find all the blueprints in Metal Gear Solid 5 with this Blueprint location guide.

ThisMGS5 Blueprints guide contains all 27 Blueprints in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Find these blueprints to develop various pieces of tech throughout Snake’s adventure. Sometimes you will discover blueprints while exploring, while other times, the game gives them to you as a bonus for beating Side Ops or Combat Deployment missions.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 Blueprints Location Guide

GEIST P3 Blueprint: Finish the Break Through the Blockade Force Dispatch Mission to acquire this blueprint. This unlocks the GEIST P3 handgun.

WU S333 Blueprint: Finish the Restore the DMZ Dispatch Mission. You will unlock the WU S333 handgun.

URAGAN-5 Blueprint: Finish Mission 16 and you will find this blueprint in the Bampeve Plantation. The Uragan-5 is a handgun.

ZORN-KP Blueprint: Finish the Defend the Pipeline Dispatch Mission. You will unlock the ZORN-KP handgun.

RIOT SMG Blueprint: Finish Side Op 05: Wialo Village. This unlocks the RIOT SMG submachine gun.

ZE’EV Blueprint: Finish the Search and Destroy Remaining Forces Dispatch Mission. This unlocks the ZE’EV submachine gun.

MACHT 37 Blueprint: You have two chances to find this blueprint. You will discover it in the Kungenga Mine after finishing Mission 23, of it is dropped by a gunship in Mission 21. This unlocks the MACHT 37 submachine gun.

UN-ARC Blueprint: You have two opportunities for this blueprint. Look for it while exploring the Wakh Sind Barracks in Mission 05, or in the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost after you beat Mission 06. This unlocks the UN-ARC assault rifle.

G44 Blueprint: You will find it in the Ditadi Abandoned Village and then gain access to the G44 assault rifle.

KABARGA-83 Blueprint: Look for it in the Mfinda Oilfield. You will unlock the KABARGA-83 shotgun.

BULLHORN SG Blueprint: Finish Dispatch Mission Prevent the Coup d’etat. You then unlock the Bullhorn SG shotgun.

ISANDO RGL-220 Blueprint: Four chances for this blueprint. They are as follows: the South Guard Post of Ditadi Abandoned Village; the West Guard Post in Kungenga Mine; the Northwest Guard Post at Munoko ya Nioka Station; and finally, the South Guard Post at Nova Braga Airport. You unlock the ISANDO RGL-220 grenade launcher.

HAIL MGR-4 Blueprint: Finish the Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges Dispatch Mission for the HAIL MGR-4 grenade launcher.

BAMBETOV SV Blueprint: Two chances to snag this blueprint. Look for it inside Lamar Khaate Palace after finishing Mission 06, or during Mission 12 inside the Afghanistan Central Base Camp. You unlock the BAMBETOV SV sniper rifle.

AM MRS-71 Rifle Blueprint: Finish the Destroy the New Fighter Aircraft Dispatch Mission. You unlock the AM MRS-71 sniper rifle.

BRENNAN LRS-46 Blueprint: Finish Mission 23 and look for the blueprint in Lufwa Valley. You unlock the BRENNAN LRS-46 sniper rifle.

UN-AAM Blueprint: It’s hard to miss this blueprint since you have four opportunities to find it. They are as follows: the Northwest Guard Post of the Kiziba Camp; the South Guard Post of the Kiziba Camp; the Southwest Guard Post at Bampeve Plantation; and lastly, at the Nova Braga Airport during Mission 21. You unlock the UN-AAM machine gun.

LPG-61 Blueprint: Finish the Recapture the Port Facilities Dispatch Mission. You unlock the LPG-61 machine gun.

FB MR R-LAUNCHER Blueprint: Beat the Liberate the Tanker Dispatch Mission. You unlock the FB MR ROCKET LAUNCHER.

PB SHIELD Blueprint: Two chances for this blueprint. Look for it during Mission 07 in either Wialo Village or Ghwandai Town; after beating Mission 06, look in the East Guard Post of the Aabe Shifap Ruins or in the Smasei Fort. You unlock (obviously), the PB SHIELD.

STUN GRENADE Blueprint: Look for it in Kiziba Camp. You unlock the Stun Grenade support weapon.

STUN ARM Blueprint: Finish Side Op 06 – Serak Power Plant. You unlock the prosthetic Stun Arm, the H-Discharger and Sneaking Stun.

FLAMETHROWER Blueprint: You either locate this blueprint after beating Mission 31 in Munoko ya Nioka Station, or a gunship drops it during Mission 41. You unlock the Flamethrower D-Walker armament.

IR-SENSOR Blueprint: Finish Side Op 07 – Qarya Sakhra Ee. You unlock the IR-Sensor security device.

ANTITHEFT DEVICE Blueprint: Finish Side Op 08 – Masa Village, East Guard Post. As the name of this blueprint implies, you now have the Antitheft Security Device.

GUN-CAM DEFENDER Blueprint: Finish Side Op 09 – Nova Braga Airport. You now have the Intercept Head D-Walker armament and the GUN-CAM Defender security device.

UA-DRONE Blueprint: Finish Side Op 10 – Afghanistan Central Base Camp. You will have the UA-Drone.

Well done! You should now have all the blueprints in Metal Gear Solid 5.

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